Free Flight indoor sport models




2nd hand ROG by Ken Johnson
Baby biplane 9” span ROG 1939 MAN
BAE Hawk elec ducted fan 35 ½” span
Beam bender 32 ½” .5cc-.8cc
Bellanca Citabria foam and balsa construction 17” span for KP00 electric motor
Bleriot 16" profile for co2
Fokker Eindekker E111 indoor elec or .010
Gloster Gladiator all foam peanut scale rubber power 13”
Gym Dandy rubber power simple stick model 17 ¾” span
Junior fun model 12” span biplane
Large dart (BBC dart x2) 33” span .8cc
Libelulae Mini Stick - indoor mini stick
Little Willie mk2 S. Howard & B. Edwards 18” rubber power April 1971
Mistrial for legal eagle competitions
Model CB41  18 ½” foam/balsa elec power
Push-e indoor electric model
Peseta for KP01 or mills .25
Penni rubber power helicopter
Phone Booth special 1938
Puck indoor microfilm 14" by B. Edwards APRIL 1971
Puff for KP01
Rocky the flying squirrel. Whatever next!
Roof raiser 31 ½” for .010
Sommer monoplane 15 3/4“ span sheet wing and tail surfaces built up body Bill Hannon
Sopwith Pup 17 ¾” span nice scale model on 2 sheets PRICE E
Top Cat IV stick and paper F1D winner 1967
Tutail mini stick model 7” span
Two cents plain penny plane
Whrilaway canard stick living room flyer
Yeloise Manhattan class indoor rubber cabin model