Radio Control Gliders scale and sport




ANT-25 semi scale powered glider 100” span PRICE H
ASK 18 94” span with parts patterns PRICE M
Bowlus Baby Albatross 1/5th scale 106” span 2 sheets parts shown PRICE M
Cicogna semi scale r/c motor glider tailless for speed 400 with 7 nicads 2 sheets PRICE L
F86 Saber pss span 49” PRICE F
Grunau Baby German kit plan, no span stated so pick your required span 75” WOULD BE PRICE G
K-6 3880mm span huge model on 2 sheets PRICE P
L-Spatz 55 huge 1/3rd scale glider 3916mm span on 2 large sheets PRICE R
LET L-13 Blanik 72” scale glider r/c 3 channel PRICE G
LF 109 Pionyr 1/6th scale at 2245mm span PRICE G
Northrop 1913 glider r/c 49” span PRICE F
Orlik II 2980mm span on 3 sheets PRICE P
P39 Airacobra pss 32” span PRICE E
Pionyr LF-109 2245mm span on 3 sheets PRICE P
Rivington Hawk 36” semi scale r/c slope soarer PRICE F
Scheibe motor spatz 83” span scale motor glider for 1.5cc motor 2 sheets+ German instructions PRICE M
Skylark 4 semi scale r/c glider 118” span flying Models Aug 66 with article PRICE K
Slingsby Eagle 66 ¾” r/c glider PRICE F
SZD Ogar 72” span pusher motor glider Polish design with article for .8cc PRICE G
Z-125 Sohaj 2 1-4.5 scale 3316mm span 2 huge sheets PRICE P
Zlin 24 2900mm span at 1-4.3 scale 7 sheets! PRICE T



Algebra 1000 by Dick Edmonds 122” span 3 channel PRICE G
Apprentice 48” span with power pod for .8cc motor PRICE F
Aries 72” slope soarer 1958 PRICE G
Bannsperber 1937 with r/c mods 2.4 meter span with parts patterns PRICE G
Blanik L-13 3250mm span 1/5th scale on 4 sheets with patterns PRICE P
Bicki 84” early r/c glider by A. Bickel published June 1956 PRICE F
Bixto 1.53 meter electric glider PRICE F
Blur 36” glider PRICE E
Chroma 130” span glider for electric motor PRICE G
Dactyl 60” span flying wing glider AM July 49 with article by C.M. Holden PRICE F
Debonair 60" sailplane PRICE F
Diablo 54” span r/c slope soarer with article PRICE G
Eliminator 134” span 4 large sheets PRICE M
Elipstick 260 elec slow fly 30 ¾” PRICE E
Elipstick 460 elec slow fly 43” PRICE F
Electrolite 50 ½” elec PRICE F
Electrolight 1.34 meter electric glider Astro 020 or similar PRICE F
Electroglide 90”elec glider PRICE G
Erwa 8 vintage tailless glider 1998mm span parts shown PRICE G
Excelsus 1.7 meter PRICE F
Finger Probe by Gordon Rae 120” span r/c soarer 2 sheets PRICE K
Firefly elec speed 400 trainer 42” span PRICE E
Hi Lite 62” span polyhedral wing modern model PRICE F
HLG-2 1.5 meter r/c hand launch glider PRICE E
Harmattan 93" r/c glider very nice looking model PRICE G
Lil T 78” span T tail slope soarer with article
Minikin 48 ½” elec glider PRICE F
Mini Kema 3. hand launch glider 58” span PRICE F
Midsummer daydream 60” r/c H.L.G. PRICE F
Musketeer 60" glider 2 channel by R.S. Kearns PRICE F
MW 3041 72” power glider for .19 motor PRICE G
Nano Gnat 28 ¾” park fly elec for speed 280 with 4:1 gearbox PRICE E
Obelix 2ch tailless slope soarer 36” span by Chas Gardiner PRICE E
Paoli 3000 electric powered tailless glider 117” span PRICE J
Predator 43" swept forward wing slope soarer PRICE E
Prophet series 4 a 2 meter r/c glider PRICE F
Rag Tag 60” span slope soarer can also be used with .20-.30 motor PRICE F
Raydic G-84 1954 glider r/c shown on plan PRICE G
Silent Knight vintage glider 85" PRICE F
Skyranger 500 electric glider PRICE F
Slope Soarer by D & R Piper 73” all built up straight dihedral 1965 AA6566P55 PRICE F
Slope Soarer by Ken Binks 72” all built up flat center wing with tip dihedral AA6566P34 PRICE F
Soarcerette 34" glider PRICE E
Sonata International Models 72” PRICE G
Sonata E 72” electric version PRICE G
Sou-wester elec duration by John Ralph for speed 400 geared 2-3.1 span 58” PRICE F
Spider glider 44” elec glider PRICE E
Starling hand launch r/c glider 45 1/2" PRICE E
West Wings Orion 59 3/4" PRICE F
Windfree 99 ¼” span rc glider 2 channel with all moving tail plane PRICE G
Wizard of OZ 48” AM 64 with article PRICE F
Yellow Bird V tail glider 66 ½” span PRICE F
ZZIP slope soarer 57" PRICE F