SEMO Kits Sweden 1950's



Thanks go to Bosse for these plans and the information about them

A range of 3 rubber power cabin models by Paul Kuniss kitted by SEMO for a long time.

Torpedo span 24"

Balbo span 24"

Musketor span 24"

Scale models rubber powered

Piper Cub 1:20th scale span 21" by Bjorn Karlstrom sister kit to the Cessna 140

Cessna 140 1:20th scale span 19" by Bjorn Karlstrom

Free flight sport

GP Special by Sven E. Truedsson (the father of SEMO) 77" span 1939 cabin model

Hail Shot 1952 contest f/f model 1.5cc by Rolf Hagel (Hagel = Hail in Swedish) frequently lost o.o.s. made by SEMO for a very long time. name and address on this one is essential.

Supererien (the super series)

Drawn for SEMO by S.E. Norman this was a detailed range intended for ststic modeling but many have used these as a basis for flying projects.

FFV J-22 1940's fighter aircraft span 16"

Saab B-17 Swedish bomber and recon aircraft of the 40's span 21 1/2"

S-17 floats for the B-17

Republic RC-3 Sea Bee well known amphibian span 18"  2 sheets

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina span 47" twin engine seaplane 5 sheets

Douglas DC-3 span 45" 4 sheets

Klemm 35D span 16 1/2"

Radio Control

Viking early low wing multi channel model on 2 sheets several mounting plates shown for 2.5cc motors 1.6 meter span

Auster Autocrat 51 3/4" span on 2 sheets. Parts are shown