A brief history and a little about my aims

Please be patient whilst I build this site.

This represents almost 40 years of plan collecting.

As such it will take time to get everything on and working.

I currently have over 40,000 files and counting

I have put the bulk of the plans on but there are always more to go on. If you don't see what you are looking for, drop me an email, I may still have it.

I am currently trying to put pictures of all the plans on. I am starting with the kit models. Please be patient as this takes time.


A little History. I have been a model flyer for well over 40 years now and in that time I have tried most types of model flying. Brought up in the "old school" of free flight then control line and radio control. I have built hundreds if not thousands of kits over the years, added to my own designs makes one heck of a lot of balsa bashing. I am happy to help anyone who needs advice on building and flying models. My wide experience can be of benefit to others though I would never profess to being an "expert" I may have suffered the problem that you are confronted with and may be able to offer help and advice.

As I now don't get the free time to do as much flying as I used to, I have concentrated my efforts into my plan collection. I look upon this as a reference library for future generations of model builders. There are many people who have an interest in the older designs, me included. I love nothing better than going through old mags seeing the kits available and I am trying to keep those old models alive. Here on this web site (done by me so excuse the rather basic nature of it) I am trying to re-kindle interest in the old models that I enjoy so much. Please enjoy a trip down memory lane with me and my plan collection. If you can fill any gaps in the collection and would perhaps like to swap some plans, feel free to contact me using the E-mail link below.


Note this site is primarily for swapping plans, this it not a commercial enterprise it is my hobby. I can only sell copies of plans which are now out of print.

Some plans are still available from the makers so please go to the makers for those plans if you want to buy them.

I have no wish to tread on anyone's toes.

A great deal of thanks has to be said to all who have helped me with my collection worldwide. Ken, Keith, Attilio, Phil, JJ, Doug, Graham, Bob, Henery, Bosse, John, Roy, Ryan, Jim, Brian, Steve and the many many others. Thanks also go to Rachel and John (my college tutors) Thanks a million guys.

Fred Scuttle Benny Hill


I can supply printed plans to replace old, damaged, vintage out of print plans.

I have plans on file to replace your old damaged originals.

I can also offer to restore your damaged plans.

I can scale your plans up or down to any size.


My hobby covers all types of documents.

I can scan in black & white or colour up to 42" wide and any length

I can print in colour or black & white to the same sizes.

I am able to reduce or enlarge a drawing to the size you want.

This has been used for maps, architect drawings as well model aircraft and boat plans.

I can print from files emailed to me, files on CD or DVD or from scanning an original.