Many thanks to Attilio for these plans

Control line Stunt Models

Bambin 595mm span for 1,5cc motors. Nice little open cockpit stunt model

Cucciolo all sheet trainer 500mm span for .8-1.5cc dated 1956 all parts shown

Dardo-58 kit plan 800mm span solid wing built up body, all parts shown 1958 team racer

Devil 53 early c/l model for PULSE JET! Span 690mm HOLD TIGHT!

Hornet biplane all sheet model for 1.5cc motors

Midget-52 all sheet wing and tail with built up body low wing 575mm span sport model early 1950’s all parts shown

The Mighty Molecule very early model c/l or free flight by Ralph N. Jackson 24” span approx 2.5cc

Nespola 830mm span all built up very streamlined stunter no flaps early 1950’s 2-4cc all parts shown

Niki Niki 700 mm span 5-6cc very streamline model banded on wings all elliptical early 50’s design all parts shown

Senior 820mm span open cockpit stunter no flaps a very nice looking model profile body for 2-3cc

Stunt King span 1100mm .35 upright motor very thick wing flapped stunter looks really nice.

Stunt Master span 985mm flapped stunter upright motor 2.5cc

Super Stunt looks like the Frog Attacker 1170mm span all built up for 5cc all parts shown 1955

trainer span 820mm profile body built up wing for 1.5-2.5cc motors. Trike landing gear semi scale appearance

Zephir 380mm span biplane for 2cc motors sheet wings and tail built up body inverted engine 1950’s

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Control line Scale Models


Aero commander 1.395 Meter span all parts shown

Bucker Jungman biplane 680mm span for 2.5-5cc all parts shown

Cessna 180 1 meter span 2.5cc built up model all parts shown

Curtiss Seagull 650mm span 2.5-3.3cc motors all built up all parts shown 1956

Curtiss P40 profile scale 680mm span for 1.5cc motors

D.H. Chipmunk 900mm span for 2.5-5cc all parts shown

Fiat G.59 780mm all built up scale model for 2.5-5cc with band on wings (through body)

Meteor- FL 53 low wing 940mm span 2.5-5cc inverted motor all parts shown 1956

Messerschmitt -109g 780mm span all built up sheet covered 2.5-5cc motors all parts shown 1957

Monocoupe high wing monoplane 1000mm span 2.5-5cc all parts shown

Morane twin engine 1 meter span for 2X 1.5-2.5cc

Musca-1 low wing scale model 900mm span for 2.5-5cc plug in wings alloy spar

Nibbo 800mm span 2.5-5cc all parts shown

P.51.D Mustang 700mm span for 2.5-cc all parts shown

Piper Comanche 900mm span 2.5-5cc parts shown

Piper Cruiser span 1020mm for 2-5cc all built up all parts shown

Piper Tri Pacer span 890mm for 2-5cc all built up all parts shown

Rondone low wing monoplane 900mm span 2.5-5cc all parts shown

SE 5 A WW1 biplane 780mm span for up to 5cc all parts shown

Sentinal 1100 span high wing cabin monoplane 2.5-5cc all parts shown

Skyraider profile model all sheet 720mm span 2.5cc

Sokol-M1C span 890mm low wing cabin monoplane all parts shown. 2.5-5cc

Spitfire mk2 all built up for 2.5-5cc span 760mm all parts shown on the plan

Stinker (Pitts little stinker) 650mm span 2.5-5cc motors all parts shown 1950’s

Stinson 450mm span for .75-1.5cc motors sheet wing and tail, built up body

Texan AT-6 880mm span all parts shown for 2.5-5cc

Thunderbolt P47M. Built up scale model 730mm span for 2.5-5cc motors plug in banded wings alloy spar

Trenner (similar to a Zlin) 865mm span 2.5-5cc all parts shown

XP 81 Jet style plane 740mm span trike landing gear 2.5cc all parts shown

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Boat plans

Golia tug 660mm long 155mm beam 320mm high

Italy 2 racing yacht 565mm long 175mm beam 765mm high

Super Craft 620mm long 193mm beam

Susanna fishing trawler 630mm long 180mm beam 420mm high

Tempest racing boat 525mm long 210mm beam

Vanita length 720mm beam 120mm height 920mm yacht

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