Control Line Scale Plans



4 profile models by Ian Peacock Fairey Firefly, Seafire, Sea Fury and Westland Wyvern 2.5-3.5cc span 40” PRICE J
Aero Commander 680 Super high wing twin 54” span for 1.5-2.5cc by J.D. Mc Hard AM mag June 59 PRICE F
Aero Macchi 205 Italian plan 1060mm span 2.5-5cc not the clearest drawing PRICE F
Aero Macchi C.205V for 1cc 21” span 17” long solid wing by F.R. Ziffer Nov 55 MA223 with article PRICE D
Aichi 99 35” span for 2.5cc motor PRICE F
Ambrosin S7 needs lots of work Aviomodelli plan
Ansaldo SVA4 45” span for 7-10cc motor 2 sheets PRICE J
Art Chester Jeep 27 ½”  span for .19-.35 PRICE F
Avro Lancaster 52” for 4X .09 with copy of original article PRICE K
Avro Shackelton engines totaling 5-6cc span 61” on 2 sheets by J.M. Bodey AM Dec 59 with article PRICE K
Beech Bonanza for .19 motor PRICE F
Bellanca Peacemaker for .8cc motor PRICE E
BI-1 24 ¾” span for 1.5cc motor PRICE E
Boeing B17 Flying Fortress hobby helpers plan 44 ¾” for 4x .049 with article all parts shown PRICE L
Boeing P26 Peashooter 42” span 1964 nats winner .49-.60 motor with article PRICE G
Boeing F4B-4 biplane 20” span MA290 Sept 58 with article by W.I. Barrett PRICE D
Brewster Buffalo 37” span for 3.5-5cc motor 1960 PRICE F
Bristol Beaufighter 39” span 2X 1.5-2.5cc PRICE F
Caudron vintage plan for Fox .59 high speed French plan PRICE F
Cessna 310 40” span for 2x 1.5-2cc PRICE F
Chance Vought corsair F4U-1A 40” span Fox .59 shown with article PRICE G
Chance Vought Corsair F4U-2 span 26” for 1.5cc by P.M.H. Lewis MA mag Jan 53 with article PRICE E
Chance Vought SBU-2 biplane 32” span for .19-.29 with article 1957 PRICE G
Consolidated Catalina by F.H. Buckland 63” 2x 2.5cc published Oct 1955 PRICE H
Consolidated Liberator 68” span PRICE H
Curtiss Hawk 31” span .19-.35 motor with article PRICE K
Curtiss CR-2 1920’s racing biplane 45 3/8” for .61 motor 2 sheets PRICE J
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk 21” span for 1.5cc by R. Taccani MA mag May 57 with article PRICE D
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk from Air Trails mag for up to .29 motor PRICE F
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk 37” span FOX .59 shown. Brave man! PRICE F
Curtiss Seagull USA plan for Forster .29 ignition motor 37” all parts shown mid 1950’s PRICE F
Curtiss XF-7-C3 Seahawk 32” span 22” long for 3.5-5cc by W.H. Esposito June 56 MA240 with article PRICE F
Curtiss XPW-8 biplane .29 motors PRICE F
D.H. Heron 64” span 4x 1-1.5cc motor 2 sheets PRICE L
D.H. Mosquito mk XVI for 2x 2.5cc 40 ½” span published Dec1954 PRICE G
D.H. Mosquito 1/2A profile scale 25 ½” span for 2x .8cc PRICE F
D.H. 71 Moth Minor 22 ¼” span for .75cc PRICE E
D.H. 89 Dragon Rapide for 2x .8cc sheet wings 31” span PRICE F
Doodle bug F-103 19” span for 1.5cc motor PRICE E
Dornier 215 by C. Milani 44” for 2x 2.5cc motors PRICE G
Douglas A-20 Havoc twin engine scale model
Douglas A-26 Invader profile semi scale PRICE D
Douglas AD-2 Skyraider for .60 motors 1951 44”span all parts shown + instructions PRICE F
Douglas DC3 Dakota by J. Last and M. Bodey for 2x 1.5cc span 47 ½” Aug 1960 with article including photos H
Douglas DC3 Dakota 53” span USA air trails plan for 2 x.19 motors. PRICE H
Fairy Gannet by J.M. Bodey for 2.5-3.5cc 38” span published July 1956 PRICE F
Falcon Speedster 24 ½” span very low resolution plan would be difficult to build from PRICE E
Focke wolf moskito 1959 38” span for 1.5cc motor MA319 PRICE F
Fokker D3 30 ½” sport scale for 2.5-3.5cc by Frank W. Beatty published March 1956 PRICE F
Fokker DR1 Tri plane vintage semi scale 23 ½” for 2-4cc by Walter Musciano AM Dec 48 with article PRICE F
Fokker DR1 triplane for Ohlson .60 1954 plan 36” span with article PRICE G
Fokker D-8 flying razor .19-.23 engine 32” span with article PRICE G
Fokker Eindekker elec motor indoor c/l span 21 ½” PRICE D
Folkerts Jupiter Racer for .19 20” span, racer + scale outlines 1951 PRICE D
Gee Bee Sportster 30 ¾” span for .19 motor PRICE F
Gee Bee Super Sportster 27 ¾” span for .25-.35 motor on 2 large sheets PRICEH
Gee Bee Z Sportster all sheet profile model for 1-1.5cc motor PRICE E
Globe swift by Ian Buxton Frog 500 power 40” span scale/stunt no flaps tin section published Sept 1952 PRICE G
Grumman Bearcat 1.5cc 24 3/4“ span all built up by P.M. Lewis June 55 MA214 with article PRICE E
Grumman F8F Bearcat 33 ½” span for .60 spark ignition by Cal Smith PRICE G
Grumman F6F Hellcat 32” span for .19-.29 parts shown PRICE F
Grumman F7F Tigercat 43” .15 motors Brodak plan 3rd line throttles 2 sheets PRICE J
Grumman G-22 Gulfhawk .5cc 14” span 12” long built up body solid wings Aug 54 MA192 with article PRICE D
Grumman S26 Tracker 63 ½” span for 2x .35-.45 motors PRICE H
Handley Page 42 Hannibal f/f or rap or c/l 62” span published Dec 1955 PRICE J
Handley Page Halifax bomber 1/12th scale 54” span 4x 1.5-2.5cc AM Dec 66 with article PRICE H
Hawker Fury 20” span for 1-1.5cc AM Dec 59 2 sheets PRICE F
Hawker Hart 40” span for 3.5-6cc MA374 Dec 62 PRICE H
Hawker Hurricane by Walt Musciano 37” span for .35 motors PRICE F
Hawker Hurricane mk2c AM March 55 40” span Frog 500 shown PRICE F
Hawker Tempest mk2 3rd line for 2-3.5cc motor 31” span PRICE F
Hughes H1 racer 50” for .61 3rd line very detailed plan PRICE G
Junkers 87 Stuka 34” span for 2.5cc PRICE F
Junkers JU-88 65” span for 2x .40 and 3rd line control huge sheet PRICE K
Knight twister 30” span by Walt Schroder 1946 30 ½” span PRICE G
Lockheed Hudson twin engine passenger plane 2x .19 motors span 37 ½” all parts shown PRICE F
Lockheed P38 Lightning 39” span for 2x 2.5cc by Bengt A. Troberg AM mag Sept 57 PRICE F
Lockheed P38 lightning 43” span profile model for 2x 1.5cc motors by Ian Peacock PRICE F
Lockheed Neptune 37 ½” span for 2x .8-1.5cc motors PRICE G
Lockheed Super Constellation 74” span 2 huge sheets PRICE L
Longster Wimpy 35” span for .15 motor PRICE F
Macchi 202 for 1.5-2.5cc solid wing built up body unusual structure 2 sheets PRICE H
Macchi 205 21” span for 1cc motor solid wing built up body PRICE F
Macchi c205v 21” span for 1cc solid wing built up body MA Nov 55 PRICE F
Macchi MB 308 by A. Castellani Italy 38 ½” for 5cc motors 1950 AA50P16 PRICE F
Martin B26 built up 2x mc coy .29 shown 48” span very detailed air trials plan PRICE J
Martin Marauder 53 ¼” span 3rd line for 2x .29-.35 with parts sheet PRICE H
Martinsyde Buzzard bipe 32" Model Aircraft mag plan April 1960 with article PRICE G
Messerschmitt Bf 110 twin USA plan .19-.23 motors 39” span PRICE F
Messerschmitt ME 109 E span 24” for 1.5cc Oct 58 AM with article PRICE E
Messerschmitt Me 210 twin 3rd line on throttles 44” span 2X 2.5cc PRICE G
Mew Gull 32 ½” span for .29 motor PRICE F
Miles Gemini profile twin for 2x 1.5cc motors 36” span 22” long by F. Buckland Oct 55 MA221 with article PRICE F
Miles M20 28” for 1.5cc aerobatic 2 sheets PRICE F
Miles Messenger profile scale for 2x .5cc plan in 3 parts Aug 56 PRICE E      
Mitchell B-25 full scale 53” for 2x .29 motors USA plan PRICE G
Mitchell B-25H profile semi scale for 2x .15 motors OK cub .14 shown on the plan PRICE D
Mitsibushi Claude 36” span for .29 PRICE F
Mitsubishi type 96 Claude 1961 OK Cub .19 shown 45 ½” span with article PRICE G
Mitsubishi Zero 29” span for .19-.29 PRICE F
Mitsubishi Zeke 5-2 27” span for 1.5-2.5cc MA Oct 56 PRICE F
Mowhawk 36 ½” span for 2x .15 motors PRICE G
Nakajima Kate 37” span for 2.5cc motor PRICE F
Mardi FN305 840mm span for 3cc 1949 PRICE F
North American AT6 Texan 42” span for 29-.35 motor PRICE F
North American F-82 twin Mustang 39 ½” for 2x .15-.29 motors PRICE L
North American 0-47 Observation plane 47” span for .29-.35 with colour pics PRICE G
North American OV-10A Bronco 2x 1.5-2.5cc span 30” AM mag Sept 66 PRICE F
North American P51B Mustang 37” span for .29 PRICE H
North American P51D Mustang 28” for .19-.32 Walt Mischanno PRICE F
North American P51D Shangri-la racing Mustanf 37” span for .29-.35 PRICE F
Northrop P-61 Black Widow 2X 2.5cc motors 49” span PRICE J
Percival Mew Gull 25” span for 2.5cc motor MA54 PRICE F
Piper Apache AM May 60 37” span for 2x 1-1.5cc motors PRICE F
Piper Comanche around 50" PRICE G
Piper Skycycle 1945 30” span with scale 3 view 2 sheets PRICE H
QED 24 ½” span for 1.5cc by P.M.H. Lewis MA mag Aug 57 with article PRICE E
Ryan N.Y.P. “Spirit of St Louis” for .049 27” very detailed plan 1953 PRICE E
Republic F84F Thunderstreak for pulse jet! PRICE G
Republic F84G Thunderjet for pulse jet! PRICE G
Republic P47 Thunderbolt 31” 3rd line with retracts PRICE F
Republic P47 Thunderbolt 32 ½” for .19-.35 motor PRICE F
Saab 18 40” span for 2x 1.5cc motors similar to Ju88 2 sheets PRICE J
Savoia SM79 Marchetti 50” span 3 engines 1-1.5cc PRICE G
Savoia SM81 48 ½” span 3 upto 1.5cc motors PRICE G
Sirius Vintage float plane 32” for .29-.35 PRICE F
Simple Siskin 22 5/8” span for 1.5cc AM mag Oct 59 with article PRICE E
Sopwith 1 ½ strutter scale stunt 48” span for 5-10cc March 57 AM PRICE J
Sopwith Dolphin 1951 for Ohlson .29 32” span PRICE G
Sopwith Pup indoor rtp (round the pole) electric 18” span PRICE C
Spirit of St Louis Ryan monoplane 1950 28” span for .8cc PRICE F
Spitfire Vb 25” span 22” long for 1-1.5cc S Bruce April 56 MA235 PRICE E
Stearman PT-17 bipe with Orwick 64 shown on the plan PRICE F
Stearman PT-17 modelissimo Italy 3.5-6cc motor 30” span PRICE F
Stits Jr. low wing monoplane .19-.29 power mere 18” span 1951 PRICE D
The Little Stinker Pitts special MA98 25" power from Mills 1.3 to Amco 3.5 defiantly 3.5 for me PRICE F
Vickers Viscount 62 ¾” span for a total of 7cc in the 4 engines with article PRICE L
Vickers Wellesley 37” span foam wing for .15 motor parts and templates shown PRICE F
Victor Scout USA plan biplane for .08cc 21” sheet balsa wings and tail built up body PRICE E
Wackett Boomerang 2.5-3.5cc 38” span by C. A Taylor SCALE STUNT June 51 AM with article PRICE F
Waco YMF 34” span 1948 for Ohlson 60 PRICE F
Whittman Buster 24” span Goodyear racer PRICE F
Yak 4 for 2x 2.5-3.5cc by K. Taylor 50” span 32” long May 61 MA346 PRICE H
Yak 50 profile scale foam wing Russian plan 987mm span for 2.5cc PRICE F
ZKB-20 c/l scale Russian fighter 2.5cc 22” span 16 ¼” long G. Britain Feb55 MA205 with article PRICE E