Cleveland kit plans








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 Free Flight Sport and Vintage  

Cloud chaser R.O.G. stick and tissue rubber model 30” span with instructions

Cloudster 52” for Ohlson .19-.29 1940 all parts shown

Dick Korda’s Champion span 47” pylon layout Ohlson 23 shown. All parts shown

Norseman 32” cabin rubber model good clear plan outdoor class ‘C’

Playboy Junior GP 5006 1944 pylon power model with parts sheet

Playboy senior 80” span 1939 pylon power model


Free flight Scale Rubber Power


Dates at the front are of the full size, dates later in descriptions are the kit dates


Floats designed for multiple aircraft scaled for the ¾” scale series Waco etc 1955 all parts shown

1914 Caudron G111 Observation trainer parts shown kit SF-206

1915 De Havilland D.H 2 Scout parts shown kit SF-156

1915 Handley Page Bomber 0-100 and 0-400

1916 De Havilland DH5 fighter kit SF-148

1916 Sopwith Baby Scout parts shown

1916 Sopwith Pup kit SF-139

1916 Spad XIII with parts 3 sheet

1916 Vickers gun bus needs work on this plan

1917 Bristol Fighter with parts

1917 Fokker D7 fighter parts shown

1917 Fokker DV11 1959 parts shown

1917 Gotha G-IV 1 st London Bomber very poor condition plan kit SF-2462

1918 Fokker DV and DVIII fighter with parts kit SF-34B

1918 Experimental Scout plane SE5 with parts 1935 kit SF-9

1918 Glen L. Martin MB1 3 sheet plan kit SF-205

1918 Hansa Brandenburg W290 observation fighter parts shown kit SF-229

1918 Macchi M5 Seaplane fighter parts shown kit-SF-213

1918 Pfalz DXII Scout parts shown kit SF-162

1918 Siemens Schukert DIV German fighter parts shown

1918 Vickers FB12E Fighter kit SF-207

1919 Martin MB-1 Bomber Supplement conversion parts shown

1924 Dormay flying bathtub kit SF-181

1927 Ford Tri Motor 4AT 3 sheets

1928 Lockheed Air Express parts shown kit SF-247

1929 Davis Parasol monoplane D1 with parts kit SF-184

1930 Bellanca Airbus Air cruiser parts shown

1930 Buhl Bull Pup1933

1930 Curtiss racer XF6C-6 1934 kit SF-44

1930 Curtiss Wright Junior parts shown

1930 Howard racer “Pete” with parts sheet kit SF-18B

1931 Curtiss command helldiver with parts

1931 Curtis F9C-2 with parts

1931 Curtiss Command Helldiver kit SF-7-B with parts sheet

1931 Gee Bee super Sportster with parts sheet

1931 Laird speed wing super solution with parts sheet kit SF-5B

1931 Lockheed Sirius Seaplane kit SFCC533

1932 Doolittle’s Gee Bee Super Sportster kit SF27

1932 Douglas 0-38 observation plane with parts kit SF-43

1932 Hall Springfield Bulldog racer

1932 Howard racer Ike with parts

1932 Lockheed Sirius Seaplane all parts shown 1934

1932 Northrop Gamma kit SF-260

1932 Tilbury fundy flash with parts sheet 1934

1933 Aeronca C3 parts shown

1933 Grumman J2F-1/6 Duck Amphibian

1933 Turner Liard Pesco Special with parts sheet kit SF-72

1933 Waco cabin plane with parts

1933 Waco cabin plans C

1933 Wedell’s Wedell Williams racer with parts sheet kit SF-47

1934 Curtiss XF11C-2 Goshawk fighter with parts sheet kit SF-49

1934 Martin Bomber with parts sheets kit SF-45

1937 Seversky P35 pursuit plane

1938 Turner Laird Pesco Special with parts sheet

1944 De Havilland Mosquito kit SF-145 with parts sheet

Aeronca C3 with instructions kit SF-40

Albatross D3 with parts sheet kit CB-5

Beech Bonanza 1948 with parts kit IT-108

Beech Bonanza 30” span 1947 with parts sheet kit M108

Bell Aircobra kit SF-76 ¾” scale

Bellanca Air Bus kit SF-237-1

Bleriot monoplane

Boeing 247 transport with parts nice twin motor similar to DC3 with parts sheets kit SD-35

Boeing 95 mail plane kit SF-32

Boeing B17 Flying Fortress with parts sheets kit SF-100

Boeing F4B4-A kit SF-29

Boeing P-12E Fighter 3 sheets with parts kit D-29

Brewster Buffalo 1942

Caudron racer C460 with parts sheet kit SF-63

Cleveland Robin FL201 profile body outdoor model 1931

Cleveland Sirius FL202 profile outdoor rubber model

Comper swift light plane kit SF-33

Consolidated Catalina big r/c model 4 sheets

Curtiss 1912 flying boat kit sf-243

Curtiss F9C-2 3 sheets kit SF-22B

Curtiss Hawk P6E 1933 with parts sheet

Curtiss JN4D Jenny 1931 parts shown kit SF-4 1931

Curtiss JN4D Jenny much more detailed plan kit SF-4B showing variants from 1917

Curtiss P40 Tomahawk with parts sheet kit SF-77

Curtiss Swift parts shown kit SF-504U

Curtiss Wright Junior kit SF-187

Davis Parasol Monoplane kit SF-184

De Havilland 2 Scout kit SF-156

De Havilland DH4 parts shown kit SF-3

De Havilland Mosquito 3 sheets inc parts kit SF-145

Douglas 0-38 Observation plane with parts sheet kit SF-43

Douglas A-20 attack bomber with parts 4 sheets SF-115

Douglas DC3 transport 1946 with parts sheets 3 sheets kit SF-156

Douglas SBD Dauntless with parts sheet kit SF-89

Focke Wulf 190 with parts sheet kit SF-82

Fokker D7 kit M-153

Fokker D8 span 30” rubber or Co2 power with parts sheet kit SF-34

Gee Bee Super Sportster ½” scale f/f rubber 1931 with parts kit SF-17b

Gotha Giv kit SF-2462

Great Lakes Sport trainer parts shown 1931 kit R-57

Great Lakes Trainer parts shown

Grumman Hellcat F6F with parts sheet kit SF-97

Grumman Wildcat F4F 1948 no parts sheet f/f rubber

Hall Springfield bulldog racer 1932 gull wing racer kit SF-31

Hawk Pursuit P6-E f/f rubber with parts ¾” scale 1933

Hawker Hurricane f/f rubber parts shown 1936 kit SF-78

Hawker Tempest 36” span rubber model with parts sheet

Hawker Typhoon 36” span f/f rubber with parts 1944 kit T-99

Howard racer kit SF19B with parts sheets

Junkers JU87 Stuka with parts sheet kit SF-84

Kling’s Folkerts speed king kit SF-71

Lockheed Hudson Bomber with parts drawn 1944 kit SF-95

Lockheed Sirius seaplane kit JSF-3

Luscombe Sedan GP/112 76” span ff/cl/rc some parts and wing sections shown

Martin B26 Marauder with parts sheet kit SF-135

Mc Donnell F88 Voodoo with parts sheet 1952 kit S-127

ME 109 Fighter with parts kit SF-74

Minnow 1948 24” span Goodyear winner

Mitsubishi 00 Jap Zero with parts sheet kit SF-86

Monocoupe kit SF-28

Mr. Mulligan 1935 Thompson winner 1949 with parts sheet

Mustang P51 with parts sheet

NC4 Flying boat 1933 static solid model

NC4 Flying boat supplement

New 2 place Ercoupe 30” span with parts sheet kit IT-103

Nieuport 11-C 1917 Experimental Triplane Scout

Nieuport 28 kit SF-30

North American Navion 30” span 1947 kit IT-107

North American Tornado kit SM-175 several sheets with parts

Northrop P61 Black Widow 1944 several sheets with parts kit SF-155U and T155

P51-B Mustang 1944 26” span f/f rubber with parts sheet kit SF-91b

P-80 Shooting Star 30” jetex power f/f

Polish P6 fighter with parts kit SF-6

Popular Aeronca Chief 30” span 1947 with parts sheet kit IT-109

Primary training glider 1932 all parts shown kit JSF-1

Republic Sea Bee kit ¾” scale kit M-88 no parts shown

Seversky P-35 Pursuit with parts sheet kit SF-61

Siemens Schuchert D IV kit SF-244

Sopwith Baby Scout kit SF-138

Spad X111 with parts kit SF-13B

Stinson Reliant cabin plane with parts sheet

Stinson Station Wagon 1 ¼” scale Ohlson 23 spark motor shown

Stinson Voyager 30” span f/f rubber with parts kit IT-98

Supermarine S6B kit SF-19

The Experimental Quad 1931 with parts kit SF-11

The Heath Parasol LNB4 kit SF-26

Tilbury fundy flash kit AX32faint but readable to build from

Travel air mystery ship with parts kit SF-2D

Turner’s Wedell Williams Racer ¾” scale f/f rubber 1936

U S Army Boeing P26A pursuit 1937 with parts

Vickers FB12E AND 12c Fighter parts shown

Vickers Gun Bus

Vought Corsair 27-30 02U1 parts shown SF-179-1

Vought F-7U Cutlass jet kit S-123

Vought Sikorsky F4U Corsair with parts sheet kit SF-79

Wedell William’s racer kit SF-48

Westland Whirlwind 36” f/f rubber with parts 1944 kit T-103