Control line combat models



2 Russian combat models to FAI spec top designs shown 1/3rd scale with full size parts PRICE F
50 watt or combateer for electric speed 500 motor 31 ½” electric combat wing? Yup! Go figure! PRICE D
5th revolution Neil Gill for 3.5 diesel combat PRICE E
Anduril 69 2.5cc classic combat wing PRICE E
Assagi 1968 combat wing 2.5cc lots of detail PRICE E
Big Iron USA combat twin boom for .35 motor 38” span with instructions 2 sheets PRICE F
Billy bunter 34” span for 1.5-3.5 motor  PRICE E
Blitz 34 ¾” FOX .35 motor by L Scarinzi USA twin boom 1966 AA6566P19 PRICE E
Blue Bayou for 1.5cc motors with article July 64 MA PRICE D
Challenger ½ A combat wing 700mm span 1.5cc PRICE E
Chaos 2.5-3.5cc with article AM mag June 63 PRICE E
Combateer USA plan for Fox .35 very unusual design, with landing gear mid 1950’s PRICE E
Cutlass twin fin combat for 1.5cc ½ A class AM June 64 PRICE D
Dominator 28" 2.5cc PRICE E
Dongus 30 ½” span for 2.5cc PRICE E
Duellist 32 ½” span Spanish design 2.5cc March 57 AM PRICE E
Early Bird Richard Wilkins 1965 Sept MA PRICE E
F.A.R.R.T. 2.5cc PRICE E
Fingle bunt Stoo Holland 33 ½” span winner of the 64 nationals all parts shown. With article PRICE E
Flip flop powered by the Drone diesel (gives it’s age away!) with parts sheet PRICE E
Ironmonger with extra drawing of enlarged outline vintage combat legal 2.5cc one of the best. AM Dec 72 PRICE E
Jaguar 36 ½” span by Bob Morgan PRICE E
Kanible Mk2 1969 2.5cc classic wing PRICE E
Kirin 1/2 A 1.5cc span 882mm PRICE D
Liquidator mk3 2.5cc PRICE E
Mini Bunt 1/2 A 23 3/4" for 1-1.5cc PRICE D
Mini Early Bird 1/2 A 22" AM May 66 PRICE D
Minimum .049 motors USA built up flite streak type body 24” span PRICE D
No body and half fast 2 models for .35 motors early USA designs with upright motors. PRICE F
Oliver Twist mk7 drawn by Frank Smart 1970 finalist very detailed plan 2.5cc 31” PRICE E
Orchist CL1124 2.5cc twin boom design PRICE E
Pallisandra Czech model with upright mvvs 2.5cc shown PRICE E
Pirana mk1 and mk2 PRICE E EACH
Piraja by T Oerg Sweden 1965 32 ½” Enya 15 Diesel used. Drop tank style wing tips AA6566P46 PRICE E
Razor blade by Pete Tribe 2.5cc July 64 AM updated version 36” span PRICE E
Razor blade by Pete Tribe original AM May 59 32” span PRICE E
Rogue 34” span upright engine 1958 by Aero Modeller staff PRICE E
Rutter ess 34” span 2.5cc wing with vertical fin. PRICE E
Shimshek ½ A class 1.5cc AM mag Sept 64 PRICE D
Spare ribs 30” span ½ A for 1.5cc motor by Frank Smart PRICE E
Spectrum by Dumas typical USA twin boom out rigged elevator see VECO
Spirogyra 1.5-2cc span 30” PRICE E
Splatt AM May 61 PRICE E
Squig 2.5cc classic combat wing PRICE E
Star pro super cinch .8cc combat 17 3/4” span all sheet model. Cheep fun! PRICE D
Streamer eater 2.5cc PRICE E
Streamer Screamer 35" 2.5cc PRICE E
Styrobat sheet foam construction very strong.36” for 2.5cc Jan 67 AM PRICE E
Supermonger that man Richard Evans does it again only bigger! PRICE F
Superstar mk2 and 3 1976 Richard Willkins PRICE F
Sword 33” span 2.5-3.5cc AM mag Oct 57 with article unusual long nose  PRICE E
T tray for .5cc only 12” span by James Snook 1954 PRICE D
Titan 36” span 2.5cc classic swept trailing edge model PRICE E
Unlikely scaled up unlimited 37” for .40-.60 HANG ON TIGHT! PRICE E
Unlimited classic old combat model beam or radial mount Albion Javelin shown 20” span PRICE D
VB Combat 1964 from France more like a peacemaker with coupled flaps PRICE F
Voodoo Riley Wooten twin boom for .35 that was eventually kitted by Carl Goldberg PRICE E
Warlock 24" 1-1.5cc PRICE D
Warlord by Vernon Hunt kitted by Pegasus 32 ½” span 2.5cc PRICE E
Warlord Chilton modified version of above for modern diesel combat rules PRICE E
Yeti 2.5cc classic combat wing PRICE E
Zack Zack 900 mm span for Webra Mach 1 PRICE E