Czech Plans



Free Flight sport

Goldhahan a vintage power model 2.464 meter span HUGE! All parts shown on 5 sheets (needs work)

Jagdeinsitzer rubber model 1.875 meter span all parts shown. Plan needs work

Marabu nice rubber cabin model 790mm span all parts shown plan needs work

Mirach 1.41 meter span cabin power model all parts shown 6cc motor

Motorflugmodel 1.6 meter span power model plan needs work

Plamenak 820mm span cabin rubber model, a really nice looking model parts shown

Satyr 1.650 meter power cabin model for 6-10cc motors little like a Quaker flash. With parts sheet

Stribny sip VB 41 for 6.3cc petrol motor very elegant cabin model similar to Mercury 4.designed 1941 all parts shown

Wasserflugmodel 1.6 meter rubber model with optional floats all parts shown

X11 1.075 meter span rubber model with curved dihedral all parts shown


Golab a 1.8 meter glider vintage unusual construction and method of banding wing on internally all parts shown

Grunau 11 1.690 meter span vintage glider parts shown plan needs work

Orlik 1.8 meter span glider 5 sheets needs work

Rhon 1520mm span glider all parts shown

Segelente 1.8 meter canard with parts sheet

Segelflugmodel baby 1.2 meter glider parts shown

Strzata a built up profile body glider all parts shown 1.5 meter span

Winkler junior 785mm span profile body glider all parts shown

Free Flight Scale


Heinkel HE70 rubber model all parts shown plan needs work span 880mm

Focke Wolfe Stosser 1.05 meters rubber power all parts shown