Free Flight Glider



Amerix A/2 sailplane by Marcel Paret France 1965 79” AA6566P65

Am1 A1 type glider span 54”

Amiron 30” span beginners glider from the Aero Club of Israel built up wing and simple body AA6566P31

A/2 Sailplane by Horst Wagner Austria 1965 74” AA6566P77

A/2 Sailplane R. Blacher Austria 1963 winner of Zell-am-See 75” AA6566P64

Brguet 901 scale sailplane 67 ½” span Dec 57 AM

BG44 A2 sailplane Bora Gunic 66” span 444 sq in wing 40” long 14 ½ oz published Jan 1953

Buzzard 2 swept forward wing tailless design 48” span AM Aug 48

Caley very early glider plan 1/5th scale

Celeste 50” span by R.A. Parker 1947 MA47

Century by J. Van Hattun 47 ¼” span 1947 MA47

Chick and Czeck chuck gliders

Clywd Queen by H.F. Whilde 63” tailless design power or glider holder of British records for both published July 1956

Corsair 48” A2 rules glider 375sq in wing 37” long 14.5 oz by R.J. Holt published June 1953

Coriolis A1 class 48 ½” span Jan 64 AM

Crofter glider 24” span

Cumulus French glider plan 50.5” span twin fin vintage towline glider all parts shown. Twin fin all built up model

Dactyl tailless 60” span by C.M. Holden AM mag July 49

Downbeat A/1 class 44” span John Barker AM mag Sept 64

Fifi coupe d'hiver 51.8” wing area 207.8 sq in

Finnair A/1 winner 51 ¼” span AM mag Sept 57

Floridian A/2 class 66” span AM mag Oct 63 with article by B. Bell

Forwarder A2 by W.Tinker 57” span 375 sq in wing swept wing published Sept 1952

G.B.1X A/2class 66” span AM mag Oct 57 with article

Go-Hi mk VI 30” span 23 ¾” long 1947 MA

Golden Wings Vic Smeed 44 ¼” aeromodeller golden wings club model published July 1955

Hang wind very early twin boom glider parasol wing AM mag Sept 45

Hatchetman A/1 class 42 ½” span AM mag July 57 with article

Hey-jig-a-jig by J. Sheppard New Zealand chuck glider 28” 1950 AA50P27

High Noon A2 by A. Longstaffe 72” span 37” long July 56 MA243 with article

Jadder 60 by Don Butler 58” lightweight class 397 sq in wing 38” long published June 1952

Justin A/1 class 49” span MA mag April 64 with article

Khamseen by Derek Illsley A1 class 40” span with wing tip fins published Nov 1955

Kiuru 1.120 meter pod/boom built up wing/stab 1966 Finland A1 class AA6566P24

Lavengo 70” contest sailplane by V. R. Dubery 1950 AA50P12

Lemon Drop 30" span by E. Bulmar

Lucifer A/2 class by Paul Bellinger France 73” unusual ‘bird’ airfoil 1965 AA6566P76

Migrator 74” A2 Nov 62

Mini Soarer 18” span on 2 sheets MA May55

Mistral 42” unusual front fin design slope soarer by Peter Valantine published April 1956

Monster chuck glider

MP12 Max Hanklinger A2 sailplane first place German team trials published Jan 1955

Mutant lightweight class 48” span 29” long by P. Woodrow Jan 56 MA226 with article

Night Owl 1.5 meter towline glider

Nordwing flying wing to A2 spec 72” span 510 sq in wing April 55 MA209 with article

Oreon by Thor Molbach 57” 1947 MA47

Oberon 58“ span 38” long open contest spec by J. Van Hattum Oct 55 MA222 with article

Ogar by Skolni Kluzak Czechoslovakia 725mm span built up wing pod/boom body 1965 AA6566P22

Omega by D. Aldridge A2 class 64” span published Jan 1956

Omega 28” built up wing solid body Israel design 1965 AA6566P27

Pelican 72” lightweight contest glider by Jim Waldron published March 1956

Penumbra FAI tailless glider 80” span AM Aug 59

Petrel 76” span glider by Babic Slobodan MA mag Sept 58

Pluto A1 class glider 45 ½” span March 59 AM

Polka dot 510mm span mixed depron/balsa/lime wood wing chuck glider

Quickie A2 glider by Ray Monks 66 ½” span 420 sq inch wing 36” long 14.6 oz

Sailaway double plan with 6” glider AM May 59

Saint 51” AM mag Oct 48 with article

Sans Egal A2 glider 80” span April 59 AM

Segelmodell TV-Ko Swiss kit wing sheet bottom, ribs on top pod/boom sheet tail 1966 692mm span AA6566P28

Shorty 68” 419.2 sq in wing towline glider by C.J Handcock published April 1955

Slope Soarer by D & R Piper 73” all built up straight dihedral 1965 AA6566P55

Slope Soarer by Ken Binks 72” all built up flat centre wing with tip dihedral AA6566P34

Snark by Dick Twomey 63” sailplane with plug in wings 36” long body published April 1952

Snoopy flexi wing (ragolo) towline glider 42 ½” span

Spanish Flea 51” A1 class glider March 70 AM

Squaig A1 class by Bill Bell USA 1965 56” simple structure AA6566P63

Standard A1 – Segler by E. Jedelsky pod/boom Austria 1240 mm approx span A6566P30

Strolling Bone towline glider 48” span

Sup A1 class glider 51”span June 57 AM

Syncopator old A1 type glider 55” span

T & T 9 Towerram tailless by T van Teunenbroeic Holland 63” 1950 AA50P26

The Welshman 72” tailless sailplane AM Aug 51

Thermalist 1 massive 11 feet 5” span AM Dec 48

Thermalnose 74” A2 class Jan 64 AM

Tonto 2 Gordon Mellar 69” 403 sq in wing 39” long 14.5 oz towline lightweight class published Feb 1953

Tri Star A1 type glider 46” for beginners by R. Twoomey

Veronica A2 and open record holder Maurice F. Petrie 64 ½” 416 sq in wing 36 ½” long 15 oz published Jan 1952

Voodoo chuckie 16” and 12”

Wanderer I2 A2 class 68” span 36” long by Jim Bagley of KK Aquarius fame Oct 56 MA248 with article

Wanderlust 48” span 38” long L.F. Long July 55 MA216 with article

Wee Kiwi 53 ½” span A1 glider

Whistle wagon chuckie 18” polyhedral 1951

Woodford special by R. Firth lightweight contest glider 58 ½” span 292 sq in wing 6oz published Nov 52

1955 nordic A2 winner 76” span by Rudolf Lindner

85F1E 1.8 Meter magnet steer glider duration slope soarer