Free Flight Power Sport



Achilles 46” pylon layout power model for 2.5cc 374 sq inch wing by Emil Fresl Yugoslavia published March 1954

Airfoiler 1940 60” for .29-.35 very low resolution plan. Not very clear

All American power design by Bill Winter USA 1950 pylon wing 54” spark engine size not specified AA50P32

Amazoom 400 very unusual design, details for several sizes of wing 2.5cc shown USA 1950’s

Apple Honey 320 by Jim Mosley 52” span for 1.5cc pylon duration model

Astro Oink 1/3rd scale Astro Hog for KP01 elec power

Atlantis 50” span pylon layout model for 1.5cc AM Dec 59

Azbug 1/2 size for .25cc

Bambi netta fun sport model for the DC Bambi by Ray Malmstrom MA Dec 55

Banshee Baby pylon wing 2/3rd scale of the Banshee by Vic Smeed for use .5-1cc span 33”

Bi play for .5-1.5cc 45” span by Pete Holland published April 1955

Bi Mini half size biplane version of super 60 for .5-.8cc

Bipalo semi scale biplane .5cc 28” span 21” long by J. Wood May 56 MA229 with article

Bimbo Vic Smeed 1cc motor span 36”

Binkie mk 4 by W. Mc Cormack 42” June 4th 1949 4th place northern area rally 38 ½” span 285 sq in wing area 1.8cc

Blueboy national clipper cargo champ USA 73” 1953 high wing cabin model by Frank Zaic

Blunderbus 1953 parasol wing design for .049 motors

Boeing 707 all sheet with pusher .020

Bomarc Paul Del Gado 15” span for single scorpion in the body or 2 jetex 50’s in engine nacelles

Bugaboo for mills .75 span 41 ½”

Bullet by N.D. Peacock 36” semi scale cabin model for .5-.8cc published May 1956

Bumble Bee all sheet co2 span 21”

Buzz Bee for co2 or rubber 26” span by Mark Bees

Caravan ½ A pylon power duration model by Joe Bilgri 50” .8cc Flying Models Aug 66 with article

Changi 38” span nice cabin model for .75-1cc AM mag Oct 59 with article

Cheekchack for .010 or jetex or rubber 25” span April 1971

Cherpaa tailless pusher design for 1-1.5cc by L. Ellis published March 1956

Cherub by Vic Smeed 30” span for .75cc 153 sq in cabin model published Sept 1952

Chloe 36” for .5-.8cc sports model Dec 57 AM

Chugabuggy sports cabin model for .1-.2cc 24” span 17” long A.E. Burch MA187 with article

Clancy al sheet sport biplane for .5cc 18” span MA mag May 57

Clot float plane for 1.5cc 46” span 31” long July 54

Comet 11 scaled down vintage model 1937 for co2 span 26”

Consul by B.J. Neal low wing sports model 56” span328 sq in wing for Mills .75 published June 1952

Contra Gyro 27” rotor dia for .5-1cc motor AM Dec 56

Courier by Brian Cracknell turbo prop lines trike gear high wing cabin model for Mills ,75 1957 span 42”

Creep by Brian Eggleston 50 pylon f/f power model for 2.5cc published Nov 1955

Cricket 32" for .8cc motors

Cuddy 45" pylon wing model .049

Daredevil very sleek apple cheek cowl sports model for .049 1953 span 41”

Delta 1 by R.J. Lancaster 513 sq in wing 35” span 36” long for .75cc published Nov 1952

Donald high wing twin fin sports model for .75cc 38” span 26” long April 56 MA234 with article

Double feature, rubber or ic .049 power all details for both 32” mid 1950’s

Doughnut annular wing model by Les Vinall for 2cc 38” diameter published Sept 1953

Dragonette 40” unorthodox biplane for f/f or single channel .75-1cc plan and article 1965 by E.F. Bryant AA6566P80

Dune tailless design biplane for .8cc span 37 ½”

Durantia biplane for .5-.8cc all ribs shown 46” USA plan mid 50’s

Duckfoot waterplane 1955 Bowden trophy winner 32” .5cc published Dec 1955

Elf Axe FAI f/f model for 1.5cc 46” span 329sq in wing by John Lamble published May 1953

Eliminator by B. Wheeler power pylon model 45” 294 sq in wing for 1.5cc published May 1953

Envoy 40” span for 1-1.5cc Cyril Shaw 205 sq in wing has been drawn on published Jan 1952

Ether rocket by D.M. v.d. Boss Royal Netherland Aero Club Holland for Mills 1.3 1950 + article 36” pylon wing AA50P22

Eureka 2.5cc power model 50 ½” span Oct 58 AM with article
FAI by Anatol Grechin Standard Moscow Club U.S.S.R. 1965 2.5cc pylon wing 63” AA6566P54

Fantasm 38” high wing cabin layout .75-1.3cc Oct 53 AM

Fancy Pants 45" for mills .75

Fifinella USA cabin model for .15’s 52” unusual shape, all parts shown mid 50’s

Fifteen pylon layout model 2-2.5cc 53 ½” span 382 sq in 10 oz by Alec Burns published Aug 1953

Fish face 20” span for .5cc Dec 63 yes a flying all sheet fish.

Fledgling 33" for .5cc shoulder wing sports free flight (maybe an r/c conversion)

Flipper 27 biplane 27” by Vic Smeed for .5-1cc

Flying boat 1939 by Paul Plecan for spark motors with article

Flying Boat 1951 .049 motor on pylon Air model design competition 35 ½” all parts shown

Flying pencil 78” for 5cc by Allen King Australia 1950 AA50P28

Flying punt ! span 32” for .5-.8cc

Flying Washboard 9" span .049 power 1965

Fried fritter by Tom Smith nats winner 45” span unusual low aspect ratio wing

Gigi 39" 1964 for up to 1cc 1964

Golden Bird by Per Hoff of Oslo 31 3/8” span for .5-1cc

Gossamer pylon model 1948 British record holder 32” span AM mag July 49

Grasshopper 29 7/8th for 2cc 1947 MA47

Great tit a 2x Frog tomtit 36” f/f or r/c for .049

Honey Bee by Walt Mooney 33 ½” span for .5cc cabin model MA April 53

Hot canary by W.A. Edwards 34” power model for .75cc published AM Sept 1953

Horizon 26 ¼” span for .010 motors AM Aug 66

Hummel German design 1.315 meter span approx 2.5cc comes with reprint of original kit handbook with photos 1940’s

Incentive R. Firth 45” span 35” long duration pylon model for 1cc Dec 55 MA225

Internationalist pylon power model for 2.5cc 58” 1952

Jumpin bean 36” .5-.8cc published Jan 1955

Karoro J Shepard 40” span 210 sq in wing float plane 31” long 12 oz for .75-1cc published Jan 1953

Komet by G. schmid 74” span 580 sq in mid wing, high thrust line published May 1953 2nd place at 1952 world champs

Konkerer PAA loader 49” span for 1.5cc MA163 Oct 53

Krasnal 27 3/16” pylon wing model .8cc by Jan Bury Poland 1950 AA50P29

Ladybird special by H. Pridmore 42” biplane elliptical plan form. all parts shown + article 1950 1cc AA50P8

Iago 36”

Large dart (BBC dart x2) 33” span .8cc

Lil Plank f/f flying wing for .5cc by Pete Wyatt published June 1955

Little Glenelg scaled down Glenelg for 1cc AM Feb 66

Little ship 36” vintage

Long Tom USA plan open pylon power model 60” span 10” chord

Littlebit tailless 28” for .049

Little Gem for electric or rubber 21” span by John Stroud

Little Monster scaled down Frankenstein dec 1949 redrawn May 1992 span 28 ½”

Little owl elec ducted fan 26”

Little twister pylon power model for .049 1951 30”span polyhedral

Madcap by Vic Smeed 45 1/2” span for 1cc published April 1952

Madcap (Mini) 30" version for .5cc

Majorette Vic Smeed 45" .75-1.3cc high wing cabin model

Mandy 45” span for 1-1.5cc AM June 64

Maybee elec small ic 25” span

Mayflower 38” span cabin model for .75cc AM mag Nov 66 with article

Merry Miller autogiro for .75cc rotor dia. 32” R. Booth June 55 MA212 with article

Mexi Boy ½ A power by Al Vela USA 1965 50 ½” elliptical plan form AA6566P117

Mimi little biplane just too cute! 16” span for ED.46 published Sept 1953

Mite for .020

Mini Bipe .010-.020 MA mag Nov 62

Mini firecracker f/f for .010 or co2 pylon layout ¾ scale version of the Bill Winter design

Minicano by F Lloyd 1965 pylon power layout for .051 49” ½ A class power duration model AA6566P48

Mooney Mite 45” span f/f design suitable for small r/c .8cc plan 1955

Moss Trooper 35” span for 1cc with article May 68 AM

MK Sportster by Hoh Fang-Chuin sport cabin model for .5-1cc 39” span 26” long June MA239 with article

Neo Swedish power model winner Swedish nats 1950 by Borje Borjeson Gothenburg 47 ½” AA50P19

Oini tailless design for .020 span 31”

Ollie 1951 .049 power pylon model 35” all parts shown

Opus very sleek delta 26 ½” span for 1.5cc AM mag July 66 with article

Overlander pylon model 72” span engine not stated AM Aug 48

PAA PACKET by Pete Holland 39” span 1-1.5cc published Feb 1954 for PAA loader rules

Paddy’s Wagon pylon layout for .049 34”all parts shown mid 1950’s USA

Paragon cabin model for up to 1cc 38 ½” span April 60 AM

Pathfinder pylon power model 74” span for 5cc by R. O’ Nions published June 1953

Pearl Express BCD .049 60” pylon layout power model

Pee Wee Baby for co2 by S. Ashmole 25” span

Penny Rocket by E. Hatfull 36 ½” span 26” long for .75-1cc marked but fine to build from Oct 54 MA196 with article

Peseta elec f/f by Colin E. Read for small electric or small ic. motor like Mills .25cc 23” in span

Pelican flying boat for .049 motors sheet wings 860mm span Ken Willard 1952

Petrel 26” flying boat for .20-.25cc

Petrol Duration Model 53” span Feb 47 for Ohlson .23 MA47

Plunderbus 1953 parasol wing for .049 span 29”

Porlock Puffin by Capt C.E. Bowden 59 ½” span for 2.5cc 1937

Poppet Vic Smeed 31 ¾” span for .46- .5cc motors

President 34” span cabin model for .5-1cc AM Dec82

Pteranodon canard twin motor total of 2.4cc pusher engines very unusual model 55” published April 1956

Puff elec f/f by Colin E. Read 36 ½” span for optic electric R21 4-5 volt

Pulteri FAI power model 2.5cc 60” span Aug 60 AM

Purist plea by D.P. Golding 42” span 31” long semi scale cabin model for Mills 1.3cc July 54 MA188 with article

Pushy-cat by Vic Smeed 44” span cabin model with pusher engine won the 1953 Bowden trophy published Oct 1953

Pussyfoot 46” pylon layout model up to 1.5cc D. Dutoit published Aug 1952

Sea Nymph by Vic Smeed for Mills .75 float plane 36” span 208 sq inch wing published March 1954

Schwab by Ing K. Matuszcak West Germany a rigid airship .01 to .02cc power 726mm long 198mm dia. for the balloon + fins and              gondola all formers drawn AA6566P33

S C 2 by S. R. Crow swept wing pusher powered by Mills 1.3 span 50 ½” 1949 MA 47

Scientific Coronet 48” span 1-1.5cc 1946

Semilina single engine semi scale Catalina flying boat for mills 1.3 span 56” MA mag Jan 53 with article

Shoulder strap 37” span for single channel r/c 1-1.5cc

Skeeter autogiro mk16 for 1-1.5cc published Nov 1953

Skylark fast f/f sports model mid wing .5cc 36” span 26” long Feb 55 B. Smith MA203 with article

Skyline Tutor f/f sport cabin model S.H. Smith 54” span 34” for .5cc July 55 MA217 with article

Slick Stick power model 36 ¼” span 420 sq in wing 44 ½” long for 2.5cc published June 1954

Snarler mk2 for .8-1.5cc span 40” low wing looks like ME109

Snow White 40” .75-1cc by Martin Bridge published July 1955

Spooky 31” flying wing .049

Stardust swept forward wing is very unusual for 1-1.5cc AM mag July 57

Starling for kp01 electric

Stomper by George Fuller 1.5cc pylon layout 48” 330 sq in wing 10 oz 1.5cc published Feb 1953

Sultan mid wing Sportster for 1.3-2cc 49 ½” span 300 sq in wing published July 1952

Sunstreak pylon power duration model 36” span 34” long B. Faulkner Aug 56 MA245 with article

Super bee biplane 27 ½” for .5-.8cc

Susie 44” span for .75-1cc AM mag Sept 59

Swat geodetic wing structure pylon wing for .049 36” 1953

Sweet Sixteenth all built from 1/16” pylon layout for .049 31 ½” mid 50’s USA

Swiss Miss pylon power model champs winning design 58” span 461 sq in wing 40 ½” long 2.5cc published Dec 1954

T.D. Coupe 1963 64” span 47” long powered by baby cyclone 2.5-3.5cc will be ok

Thataway canard 36” span for 1-1.5cc AM Feb 66 with article

The Champ 45 ¼” span for 1-3cc 1947 MA47

The Kid by M. Bouguoit 44” span 1-3cc 1947 MA47

The Zephyr pylon power model .049 60” mid 1950’s

Tom Thumb a miniature version of Tom Boy for D.C Bambi power 22” by Vic Smeed published June 1954

Trollybus prize winning duration model low C.L.A. 55” span 41” long B.R. Newman Feb55 MA204 with article

Vampie all sheet twin boom model for .5-1cc AM Feb 56

Vannus Minor 28" tailless design

Vee-dette delta wing sports free flight 44” span 38” long MA195 Sept 1955 .75-1cc Mazzo Ellis

Venture by M. Campbell 42” semi scale biplane 1-1.5cc pendulum rudder published Sept 1950

Wendy sport cabin model 36” span 25” long for 1cc Dec 54 MA199

Wispa 36” elec

Wren R G Woolett 42” span cabin model reminiscent of a Bowden design AM Dec 48

Wyvern Y-Bar pylon layout power model 40” span for 1.5cc June 1955 by Tony Brooks

Wyvern cabin model twin fin 29 1/2” span for up to 1cc winner of Bowden trophy 1949

Zephyr 11 Swiss pylon power model by A. Patrucco Geneva 2cc winner of Grand prix de Geneva 60” AA50P42

Zeus 40” span .8cc Aug 63 AM

55 Special sport model for .5cc motors 44” low wing by John Stroud

1946 Bowden trophy winner by A.H. Wilson 78” span for 5-10CC using a 3 piece wing 1947 MA17