Free Flight Scale Rubber


ABC Robin 36" rubber power

Aero 42 by Pres Bruining walnut scale

Aeromarine Klemm 24" span parts shown

Aeronca LB rubber power pre war 17”

Aeronca LB rubber power pre war 27”

Aichi B7A 2 Grace 1/2" scale 23" span parts shown

Airspeed courier 1934 a 3 sheet plan from July 1934 flying aces 24” span

Airspeed Envoy twin by H.J. Towner

Akromaster 28 ½” span

Albatros DX-1 ½” scale sheet wings built up body

Aleutian Goose twin engine seaplane 20” span all parts shown

Arado 76 a 1/12 th scale 31” span rubber model. Well detailed plan with all parts

Avro Lancaster yes rubber powered! ½” scale gives it 51” span. Well detailed plan by P.E. Norman

Beechcraft D-17 stagger wing by Burd plans span 24” rubber power

Bell Aircobra M.A.N. 1941 with parts

Bellanca 28-92 tri motor racer jumbo scale 36” span rubber model well detailed plan

Bellanca low wing cabin monoplane rubber power semi scale 34 ½” span 1951

Blohm & Voss BV141 all parts shown on this 2 sheet plan

Boeing 247 span 24” parts shown on plan

Boeing 299Z this is a 5 engined flying fortress added turbo prop on the nose. 42” span 11 sheets!

Boeing XF6B-1 biplane rubber power

Bristol type 77 Eddie Riding including the "moore diaphragm" rubber power

Curtiss Warhawk 2 A4 sheets Nov 43

Comper Swift rubber power 18” span

Comper Swift rubber model 24” span Sept 1963 MA mag plan with article

Consolidated P-30 Pursuit by Paul Plecan

D.H. Chipmunk 1/24 scale rubber powered plan in 2 parts July 54

D H. Mosquito mk4 series 1 rubber power all ribs/formers shown 25 ½”

D.H. TK4 span 22" rubber power

Delanne rubber flying scale by J.D. Mc hard Tandem wing fighter 25” span

Douglas DB-7 by Sidney Strhul M.A.N. mag plan with article 1941

Douglas torpedo bomber TBD-1 with mag article H.K.

Fletcher Defender 25 all sheet semi scale AM June 66

Fred rubber power model of the high wing homebuilt. 13” span

Grumman Gulfhawk F3F-2 a Diels plan span 16” rubber power

Grumman Widgeon rubber power span 39”

Handley Page Gugnuc rubber power

Hawker Typhoon 1/12 th scale 12” span AM Dec 43

Herald semi scale rubber powered twin span 25” by Ray Malmstrom

Heston Phoenix May 38 re visited May 83 AM

Junkers Ju 52 rubber power 26” span single rubber motor

Messerschmitt ME 20b rubber power span 61 ½” on 2 sheets

ME Bf 109 rubber power 50" by Adam Beales massive f/f scale model

Nieuport 11 all sheet 36"

Nieuport Delage 580 high wing monoplane with parts and article

Pfalz D-111 pursuit by Robert V. Smith to ¾” scale

Piper Cub 26” rubber power by J. Delcrox

Piper Cub J-3 cub span 26” rubber power

Potez 75 21” span rubber power by Vic Duberry published April 1955

Savoia S 13 Schneider trophy biplane rubber power 13” span

SE5A 1930’s M.A.N. plan flying scale by Howard McEntee

SE5A 16 3/4"

SE5A profile scale rubber power 15.1/2”

Skyranger semi scale 30” 99 sq in 22” long 2.25 oz rubber model by Brian Cracknell published Feb 1954

Spinks Akromaster 28" rubber power

Spinks Akromaster rubber power 29 ½” span

Sopwith 1 1/2 strutter rubber power

Taylorcraft Liaison L2-B by Sidney Struhl M.A.N 1943 with article

Vought SB2U Vindicator by H.K. Wiess

Waterman Gosling rubber power span 18”

Westland Lysander 37 ½” rubber free flight aircraft plan company