Free Flight Rubber Sport Models



49er non scale all sheet free flight model a model builder plan open cockpit high wing design

ABS all balsa sport model 1937 MAN plan and article 7 pages

Ailbass Winter Cup Model 1965 36 ¾” by R. Jossien France unusual low wing design AA6566P53

Airies 3 Roy Clements 1948 Wakefield

Albert Judge Wakefield winner 1936 span 44” model builder plan

American Zipper 1939 rubber model 5 sheets by Walter Kahn

Auntie-Q A frame pusher design

Aprila by Vic Smeed contest winning model 40” 1950 AA50P24

Aristocrat 43 ¾ span Wakefield model by E. Stoffell

Austrian Champion Wakefield 1963 by Rupert Schneck all sheet construction AA6566P78

Baron Knight II 29 ¼” single blade prop

Borderline 42” Wakefield rules model published May 1953

Boxcar AM mag Nov 66

Brigand 32” span MA mag Jan 53 with article

Cabin duration model by W.A. Dean 23” span pre 1945

Candice all sheet canard

Chaletma sport rubber model 48” span 36” long J. Fuller Aug 55 MA219

Chester Lanzo Duplex D

Chopstick rubber power helicopter

Cloud Comber 37 ½” span Nov 43 AM

Collector lightweight class model by E.J. Buxton 26” span 1947 MA47

Contestor by Bill Dean 45 ½” span Wakefield size model April 47 this became the K.K. Competitor.

Compact by L. Ranson 30” span 30” long may 1961 MA347

Copeland Wakefield ½ scale 20” span

Daedelus by R. M. Searle 4oz weight rubber power 30”span 1942 Sept aeromodeller

Delinquent open class rubber model Jan 67 AM

Delinquent AM Aug 92 open class rubber J O’Donnell

Dragonfly by J.S. White an ornithopter (flaps its wings to fly) 38” span rubber powered published Oct 1954

Diasphere duration model by I.C. Lucas 36” diamond section body float plane pre 1945

Edina 28 ¼” AM Feb 66 with article

ELF rubber power 21 ½” span

Estrellita 30” rubber model low wing by G. Woolis published Jan 1956

Falcon 24"

Fine Flier 20” stick body tissue covered wing R.O.G. 1935 all parts shown

Flip Flop lightweight contest rubber model 171 sq in wing Ron Warring published Feb 1952

Gamage cup winner 33 ¼” span by R.T. Parham 1947 MA47

George duration model by C.A. Rippon diamond section body 31” span 145.7 sq inch wing area 1940 flight cup winner

Gold wing 20" pusher for rubber power

Gold winger 20” span rubber power pusher sport flyer

Gypsy cabin Wakefield rubber model 1939 all parts shown

Hanger rat stick and tissue indoor model


Hi Climber 1939 endurance model rubber power with article all parts shown

Hurricane low wing endurance model 1940 July Flying Aces all parts shown

Hurry up 150 sq in contest duration model by Frank Ziac 1950 36 ½” single blade folding prop AA50P17

Hyttynen 17” stick body built up wing/tail Finland 1966 AA6566P23

Isis duration model by A.F. Houlberg swept wing approx 40” dates back to 1939

Jaguar (later made into a Halifax models kit)1948 Wakefield winner AM mag Oct 48

J. B. 3 duration model by J. Bezemer 36” swept wing pre 1945

Jumping Jive 26” span Nov 43

Junior 18 1/2"

Komar 26 1/2" simple stick model rubber power

Krusader mk8 streamlined model 49” span by P.T. Capon April 1947 MA

Little Auk 30” rubber model for land or water January 1958

Little Monster 1/2 scale Frankenstein for mills .25

Little sir echo sports biplanes simple construction on 2 sheets MA September 1954copy of article included

Mauboussin Tandem wing with article 1938 MAN

Mascot lightweight duration class 30” span by K.P. Slays 1947 MA47

Mayfly 2 Wakefield Sept 1936 MAN

Mercury by Albert Hatfull (junior 60 fame) rubber model 36”

Middy duration model by J.S. Evans 20” span diamond section body pre 1945

Neophyte 01 Wakefield by A. Meritte France 1965 61 ½” AA6566P66

New Look 1. Wakefield model by J Morisset France 44” diamond section body, with article AA50P34

Nicloina rubber power 1964

O-High –O 44” Wakefield model April 59 AM

Old timer A frame rubber model twin power AM mag July 49

Pandora 6 piece model to pack in small case 50” Wakefield class April 60

Percy duration model by R.H. Warring 38” float or land plane pre 1945

Perseus 111a W. Smith Elliot AM mag Sept 47

Peter 20” span AM Dec 43


Prince Hall, Son of King Harry 1945 rubber model

Sky scout AM Dec 94 vintage 44 span approx 28”

Skyranger AM Feb 54 high wing cabin model by B Cracknell

Stability baby duration model by W.A. Dean 26 ½” span round section body pre 1945

Stahl 36 duration model with article MAN 1936

Surprise American Wakefield by Warren Fletcher 3 rd in 1949 at Cranfield retracting single leg gear twin fins AA50P30

The Air Cadet Duration model C.A. Rippon 37 ½” length 28” weight 5 oz 144 sq inch wing area pre 1945

The Kamlet duration model by M.R. Wright 40” span approx pre 1945

The trike duration model by D. Collier twin fin trike gear 40” span with v tail

Thirty something P30 rules rubber model Dec 1997

Thermaleer lightweight class rubber duration model B.T. Faulkner 36” span 35” long Sept54 MA195 with article

Trump Card by F. G. Draper 30” lightweight duration rubber model 1948 original flew over 10 miles! Over 90 minutes.

Upstairs maid by Jack North lightweight class 35” MA47 1947

Upstart by George Woolly rubber power 36” span 34 ½” long published Aug 1954

Vampire 36" all sheet very semi scale

Wakefield by Arnold Wathew 45” span diamond section body 200 sq in wing area published Sept 1942 with article

Wakefield cup model by R.N. Bullock 29.9” span MA47 1947

Wild Goose MA April 51 span 44” Wakefield model

Wizard rubber power 32 ½” span

Wyvern 1cc Bowden contest winner 1948 by Geoff Dunmore published June 1951

Yardstick by B.Faulkner 36” span 173 sq in wing 4oz published Oct 1953

1946 Wakefield model by Gilbert Harris 42 ¼” span Jan 47 MA