Control line team race

Frog Mirage 15” span for .5cc motors 13 ¼” long 37 1/2 sq in wing weight 4 oz

Frog Hornet 21” ½ A team racer 13 ½” long 57.1/2 sq in wing weight with Frog 150 9oz

Frog Radius super streamlined built for the older Frog 100 up to 180 Australian re draw and Ron Prentice plan

Frog Vantage Class B cad redraw not original kit plan parts shown

 Control line scale    

Frog De Havilland Mosquito 36” span for 2x 1.5-2.5cc motors profile scale

Frog Hawker Tempest sport scale 26” for 1.5cc with reprint of instructions no parts

Frog Hurricane profile 24” for 1.5cc

Frog ME109 profile 24” for 1.5cc

Frog SE5A sport scale for 1.5cc motors with reprint of instructions

Frog Spitfire profile 24” for 1.5cc

  Control line stunt

Frog Aerobat for 2.5 – 3.5cc span 38”

Frog Attacker .19-.29 full stunt with flaps, does good squares! 50” span with copy of instructions (from my old kit!)

Frog Chimp for frog .80 22”span

Frog Condor for 1-2cc span 32” flapped stunter.

Frog Gladiator stunt/combat flying wing swept forward layout for 2.5-3.5cc 36” span

Frog Talisman 28” span profile stunter similar to Aldrich Peacemaker. 1-2cc

Frog Vandiver mk1 with instructions 26” span for Frog 160

Frog Vandiver mk2 1951 span 27” for Frog 150

Frog Vanfire for Frog 500 span 40”

  Free flight power Sport

Frog 45 Mk1 45” span 1 sheet plan

Frog 45 Mk2 span 45” for Frog 175 a 2 sheet plan

Frog Centurion 60” waiting restoration

Frog Cirrus pylon wing power f/f model for Frog 250 diesel 48” 1951 for 1.5-2.5cc

Frog Great Tit (actually a 2x scaled up Tomtit)

Frog Janus with parts 44” span for Frog 100-160 high wing duration model

Frog Powavan contest duration pylon model 48” span not all parts are shown

Frog Strato D class A pylon duration model 1cc motor 40” span

Frog Tutor 39” span cabin sport model for .8cc

Frog Vixen 36” span for up to 1cc would convert to r/c with micro radio


Frog Zephyr 33” cabin for the frog 50

Free flight rubber scale

Frog Auster 21” span rubber model high wing cabin

Frog Boulton Paul Defiant rubber power 20” span no parts sheet

Frog Cessna 140 plan and full size colored sheets for parts in red or blue

Frog Cessna Bird Dog 22” span

Frog Chrislea Skyjeep with parts sheets junior scale series 12” span

Frog D.H. Chipmunk de luxe kit 20” span with parts sheets

Frog Fairey Barracuda 500 series kit 511 this had pressed paper outer body skin with balsa frame for body.

Frog Spitfire junior fighter series with parts sheet 12” span

Frog Wyvern junior fighter series with parts sheet 12” span

Free Flight Rubber Sport

Frog Delta 16 a 17” semi scale delta rubber model with instructions

Frog Goblin 24” span rubber junior duration model with parts

Frog Heron rubber model low wing cabin monoplane with twin fins. With parts sheets 18” span

Frog Linet rubber model 18” span mid wing twin fin sport model with parts sheets

Frog Midge all sheet rubber model with parts sheets low wing sport model

Frog Minnow high wing sport rubber model with parts sheet 12” span

Frog Pup sport biplane rubber model with parts sheet 10” span

Frog Raven 18” span high wing rubber sport model with parts sheet

Frog Redwing cabin monoplane 18” span rubber model with parts sheet

Frog Scamp mid wing rubber sport model 12” span with parts sheet

Frog Speedy mid wing rubber sport model with parts sheet

Frog Sprite rubber duration model 24” span parts shown

Frog Tomtit biplane rubber powered 18” span with parts sheet

Frog Widgeon 18” span mid wing V tail sport rubber model with parts sheet



Diana 36” sailplane with parts sheets and instructions

Frog Fortuna 48” sailplane no parts sheet

Wren 25” sailplane with parts and instructions twin fin.

Radio control  

Frog Mustfire large aerobatic model for .61 motors