Radio Control  

Amateur r/c trainer for 1.5-2cc motor

Auster for .8-1.7cc motor 1.2meter span

Cessna Bird Dog the old schuco hegi 100 kit plan 1.2meter span 1.5cc motors

D.H. Beaver for 3 channel and 1.5-2cc motor

Electra vintage r/c 5 sheets

Kadet r/c trainer

Kapitan biplane 3 sheet plan 43” span for .6cc I can reproduce the waterslide decals if required

Kwik fly mk3 Phil Kraft design. Kit plan, install sheet and instructions parts shown low wing 4 ch r/c

Maxi r/c trainer

Piper tri pacer span r/c for 1.5cc motor 5 sheets with parts

Taxi r/c trainer

Terry r/c trainer

Topsy r/c trainer


Amigo plan with parts shown and instruction sheets r/c glider can use power pod. I had a ball with mine

Beta 80" span r/c semi scale glider

Der Kleine UHU Graupner kit plan 28” pod/boom built up wing 1965/6 AA6566P26

Dandy glider 64” span plan and instructions with extra sheet for r/c instal. All parts shown



Hegi ASW15



Control line

Cugar stunt model 44” 1955 with instructions 3 sheets parts shown

FW190 semi scale stunt model with drop off landing gear

Hegi 50 vintage stunt model

Matador early stunt model with upright engine

Panther stunt model

Ultra stunter

Super stunter