Control line

All Australian by Ken Taylor 53” span for .49 motor upright

All Australian mk 2 with inverted motor

Cadet Hearn’s hobbies plan 30” stunter 2.5-3.5cc kit plan low wing with leadouts on top

Deamon Hearns hobbies kit plan 41” 370 sq in low wing external leadouts, no flaps

Flapjack 39" span flapped stunter for .29 motor

Frisky 33" span stunt model for 2.5cc motor no flaps

Gladiator 38" span combat/stunt model for 5-6cc motor fixed or coupled flaps

Hellcat 25" stunt model for 1.5cc motor simple structure and upright motor

Husky 26" span for up to 1.5cc stunt model inverted motor

Lapmaster team racer span 28” for 2.5 and 5cc motors built up wing and body

Lil Joe 27 1/2" span for 1.5-3.5cc low wing stunt model

Sabre trainer for 2.5cc motor

Super Skylark 39" span for .29-.35 motor low wing no flaps

Swift class “A” span 23 ½” 2.5cc solid wing built up body has instructions and fuel formulas circa 1950-60


Bluebird 47" span glider with all parts shown on the plan

Eagle 71” span glider with conversion sheet to make it a power model

Eagle mk2 72” towline glider I have colour patterns of decals

Radio Control


Sportster 50” early r/c job for 2-3.5cc single channel up, parts and instructions on plan and I can do decals


Free flight

HG3 a high wing monoplane 43 1/2" span for up to 1cc motor

Observer 48" high wing cabin model for up to 1.5cc motor


Boat plans

Zip 20" speedbaot for 1-1.5cc motor