Scale models free flight / radio control

Jetco Cessna 170 span 36” for .020-.049 on 2 sheets 1950 parts and instructions shown

Jetco Dayton Wright RB-1 peanut scale 12 ¾” span 1920’s racer

Jetco Mooney mite f/f c/l or r/c .15 motor 3 sheet plan most parts and instructions shown

Jetco Piper Super Cruiser PA 12 span 40” for .020-.049 f/f or r/c 2 sheet plan parts and instructions

Jetco Rearwin Speedster 38” span for .049-.19 f/f c/l or r/c Bill Dean rework 3 sheets with parts + ins


Free Flight sport

Jetco Hawk a duration model rubber power full size plan lacks detail. Experienced builders only

Jetco R.O.G. 1940’s kit plan stick body built up wing.

Jetco Scorpion 30” span all sheet glider jetex scorpion power.

Jetco Thermic 50 glider, low on detail. Experienced builders only


Control line

Jetco (Lew Mc Farland) Dolphin for .35 kit plan 2 sheets

Jetco (Lew Mc Farland) Shark .15 profile version shown with or without flaps. Kit plan

Jetco (Lew Mc Farland) Shark .45 2 sheet plan 60” trike gear for .45-.60 kit plan

Jetco Sabre Stunt 50” for .19-.35 kit plan with ply parts sheet copy2 Sheet plan

Jetco Mustang F51-H 30 ¾ span 27 ½” long 39 oz for .19-.35 3 sheet plan with construction details and pics.

Radio Control

Jetco Navigator by Don Mc Govern 52” span all parts shown flying models plan not kit plan