Jetex Scale



Boulton Paul P.111A by D.P. Golding 24” span for Jetex 200 or jetmaster published May 1954

Consolidated Vultee XP-92 delta carved from solid for jetex 100 only 7 ¼” span

Convair Delta fantastic plan jetex 150 power 23 ½” span very detailed plan

D.H.108 Swallow scale for jetex 100 19 ¾” D.P. Golding published July 1952

Douglas Skyray F4D-1 for jetex 35-50 all sheet model 10.5” span 1954 plan

English Electric P.1A forerunner to the Lightning for jetex 50 by C.F. Bassett 18” span 13 1/2“span Jan 55 MA2020 with article

F19 stealth jet for jetex 50 span 9 ½” some distortion on a few parts drawings

Folland Midge all sheet for jetex 50 all parts and markings shown

Handley Page HP115 ALL SHEET for 35-50 size jetex

Hawker Hunter all sheet 12” span for jetex 50 all parts shown with markings

Gloster Meteor 2x jetex 100 units 21 ½” span hollow carved body scale model

Lockheed U2 30” for 150 paa loader MAN 1960

Miles Student for Jetex 100 by J.A. Fleming published June 1956

North American
X 15 Paul Del Gado for jetex 150 no span to speak of, more a rocket! On 2 sheets all sheet model

Opel RAK-1 rocket powered glider for jetex 100 span 26 ½”

Saab J29 by Ray Malmstrom all sheet for jetex 35

Short Sherpa for jetex 35 all sheet model by Bob Linn published Jan 1956

Sipa 200 mini jet 24” scale for jetex 100 twin boom model of the world’s smallest jet published Aug 1953

Skyray all sheet for jetex 50 10” span by Bill Dean

Stealth fighter all parts shown built up model 9 1/2” span by John Emmet 1987

Super Mystere all parts shown 11 ½” span for jetex 50 built up model

Vulture 3 sheets with instructions all sheet model for jetex 50

Yak 15 profile all sheet model for Jetex 50 16 ½” span