Free Flight Sport

Wasp biplane a superb plan 42” span semi scale for up to 1cc

Hornet monoplane version of the Wasp 42” up to 1cc parts shown

Gnat sport cabin biplane 20” span rubber model parts shown

Privateer 87” vintage power model parts shown

Albatross glider 42” span parts shown on plan

Free Flight Scale

Comper Swift 18” span all built up rubber model parts not shown

Gloster Gladiator Keel build 16” span with parts sheets

Hawker Demon 28” span no parts sheet, plan needs work.

Hawker Fury Keel build 15” span with drawings of formers

Hawker High Speed Fury 12 ¾” span with drawings of formers

Spitfire Mk XII 25” span clipped wing spit with parts drawings

Supermarine Spitfire prototype K5054 25” span no parts sheet but good historical plan