Peanut scale


This catagory includes all indoor scale classes. Peanut, Walnut, Bostonian etc.

Aero 42 walnut scale Pres Bruning
Aeromarine Klemm 24” span
Achi B7A2 Grace by Nate Sturman
Albatros DX-1 sheet wings steamed to section
Albatros DX-1 Pres Bruning
Albert TE1 1930’s French parasol wing sport plane peanut
Alco sport peanut
Amethyst Falcon aerobatic utralight peanut
Amsco Monoplane small light aircraft peanut
ANEC 1-A Racer 1925 Lympne races peanut
Anderson BA4-B peanut
Antique model flying machine
Antanov AN2 Pres Bruning peanut
Aquilion French peanut scale plan 1930’s canard
Armstrong Whitworth FK-8
Arsenal-Delanne 10 French dual wing WW2 fighter Pres Bruning
Art Chester Goon racer
Arup 1936 MAN plan G Englehart
Asahi Kawasaki Dornier Komet 1924 Japanese airliner peanut
Astra Kapferer 1908 pioneer aircraft
Atalante GB.10 1930’s sesqui plans French peanut plan
Avia B-532 1936 Italian biplane fighter
Avia B-534
Avia BH-3 1921 Czech Military plane
Avia BH-7b 1923 racer by Stan Fink
Avia BH-25J 1927 passenger aircraft
Avia S-199 Czech built copy of the Messerschmidt used by Israel 1948
Aviatik (Berg) D-1 WW1 light bomber
Aviatik (Berg) C-1 WW1 light bomber
Aviette 1913 French attempt at man powered flight
Avro 536 C racing biplane
Avro 560 1923 ultralight plane ½”-12” scale drawn by W.C. Hannan 1967
Avro Avian 1930 2 place biplane peanut
Avro Cadet 1931 2 place biplane trainer peanut
Avro F 1912 enclosed cabin monoplane
Ayres Loadmaster a DC3 sized single engine cargo plane Pres Bruning peanut
Ayres Turbo Thrush crop sprayer Pres Bruning peanut
B.A.T. Baboon 13 ¼”
Baby Ace
Baby Aro MAN 1938 with article
Bart Denight’s DDT Formula 1 racer peanut
Bede BD-4
Bede BD-5A by Nick Carlis peanut
Bede BD-8
Beech 17 Stagerwing
Beech Musketeer
Bell Aircobra
Bellanca light tractor biplane late 1920’s peanut by Bill Hannon
Bellanca Skyrocket U.S. Navy version peanut by Bill Hannon
Bernard 201T late 40’s 4 place French high wing sport plane peanut
Blackburn Baby float biplane peanut
Blackburn monoplane 1912 peanut
Bleriot 1911 canard peanut
Bleriot channel crossing plane Henry Struck
Bleriot IX Pistacio scale
Bleriot XI in Musee Aeronautique France
Bleriot XI by Emmanuel Fillion France
Bleriot XI-2 by Emmanuel Fillion France
Blohm & Voss P192 Pres Bruning
Blohm & Voss P20a jet experimental plane Pres Bruning
Bob’s Boxtonian
Boeing F3B-1 1930’s with 3 view
Boeing Monomail 1930’s mailplane
Boo Ray Formula One Racer
Boston Beachcraft Bonanza
Boston Beany all sheet cabin model
Boston Bullet
Boston Celtic
Boston Defender Bostonian version of the Aeronca
Boston Found peanut
Boston Tea Party by Walt Mooney
Bostonian Canuck
Bostonian DH Beaver by Walt Mooney
Bostonian Patriot
Bostonian Bothorne tailess
Boulton Paul P-9 1918 biplane peanut with article
Bourgeois Senemaud AT-35 1928 French 2 place parasol wing
Breda 15 1930’s Italian high wing monoplane dime scale
Breguet LE 1920’s low wing monoplane
Breguet XIX Super Bidon & historic question mark version peanut
Bristol 138 walnut scale Pres Bruning
Bristol 172 Pres Bruning
Bristol M1 Gypsy racer 16“ dime scale
Bristol Scout all sheet balsa peanut
Bristol Scout D by J Sheard
Bucker Jungman Bu133B 13”
BVP 20A Pres Bruning
BVP 1922 Pres Bruning
Cassutt goodyear racer unfinished plan structure complete but no material sizes or text
Caudron 714 French fighter
Caudron Aglion French 1930’s 2 place low wing sport monoplane
Caudron C.410 Phalene 1940 French military trainer
Caudron C.620 Simoun 1936 French low wing exec plane Pres Bruning
Caudron Luciole 1930’s French sport biplane
Chopstick peanut size helicopter! Rubber power
Chuparosa by Emmanuel Fillon
Colibri MB2 Pistachio scale
Columbia Cruiser Manhatten class
Corby Starlet CJ1 Peanut
Culver Dart Peanut
Curtiss Goshawk Peanut
Curtiss Hawk 75 with article
Curtiss 3 by Henry Struck
Curtiss 3c-1 by Pres Bruning
Curtiss R6 racing biplane
Curtiss XP-31 rarely modelled
Davis DA-2A boxy trike gear home build
D.H. 6 “clutching hand” trainer 12 ¾”
De Havilland DH-2
De Havilland DH-6 all sheet model
De Havilland DH-29 1920’s airliner
De Havilland DH-77 low wing monoplane
De Havilland DH-80 Puss Moth
De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth
De Havilland Gypsy Moth
Daja-vu goodyear type racer peanut
Demoiselle No 20
Denight special rager plan colour pics and 3 view PRICE E
Denny Kitfox shows colour scheme peanut
Deperdussin 1912 racer peanut Nowlen Aero
Deperdussin 1913 racer Lidberg
Dewotine D-33
Dewotine D-332 1930’s French airliner
Dixon special pylon racer well detailed
Dornier DO335 AO Arrow push pull motor fighter 18” span
Dornier Komet 1920’s Ashai airliner peanut
Dornier Merkur 1920’s airliner
Druine Turbulent D3 by Benno Sabel
Eastbourne Monoplane 1913 peanut
Easy Wing 2 tailless R.O.G. pusher model
Elias Aircoupe 1927 2 seat Anzani 6 cyl engine
Elias Airsport 1920’s single place parasol wing homebuilt
Embryo by al a Druine Turbulant type embryo class model
Embryo Twin sleek twin engine sport model
Euler D-2 WW1 BIPLANE 13”
Fairey Barracuda peanut
Falcon special midget racer peanut
Far-man cute squared off parasol wing sport plane
Farman 1933 supercharged one wheel plane
Farman 200&2001 late 1920’s single place parasol wing plane
Farman 400 late 1930’s 2 place high wing plane
Farman 1000 peanut
Farman F.451 Mostique
Farman F.190 1920’s airliner
Farman F.250 1920’s airliner
Farman Mostique I 1936
Farman Sport early 1920’s biplane excellent plan with parts and instructions
Farman Sport as above but simple plan by Bill Louins
Fat Cat a Whitmam Tailwind type bostonian model
Fauvel AV-10 late 1930’s French tailless plane
Fiat G50 WW2 Italian fighter Pres Bruning
Fike Model E peanut R.J. Dunham
Floyd Bean Racer late 1939 racer CAD drawn plan
Floyd Bean Racer late 1939 racer by Ralpe Kuenz
Flyabout 2 high wing cabin momoplane
Flying Dutchman Koolhoven FK-58 with article
Focke Wulf TA-154 peanut by Pres Bruning
Focke Wulf 56 Stosser peanut
Focke Wulf A17-2 1920’s airliner
Focke Wulf 198 pusher dime scale
Fokker B-1 dime scale
Fokker C-141 early 1920’s transport plane
Fokker D-XXL peanut by Pres Bruning
Fokker D7 Heneery Struck
Fokker D-8 from 1935 MAN
Fokker DR1 Triplane peanut
Fokker F-32B peanut
Fokker G-1 1939 twin engine twin boom plane
Fokker V-23 1918 one off experimental mid wing plane
Folkerts SK2 Toots
Folkerts SK-4 racer
Ford Flivver 1926
Forster Wickner GM-1 Wicko late 1930’s shoulder wing plane
Found Centenial 100 peanut
Fred homebuilt peanut
Future fighter whimsical semi scale canard
Gee Bee R-2 by Pres Bruning
Gee Bee Sportster microfilm model
Gee Bee Y by Pres Bruning
Gee Bee QED Pres Bruning
General Western Meteor 1930 2 place parasol wing
Gerard Club 45 1930’s French 2 place high wing monoplane peanut
Gloster AS-31 Survey 1929 twin engine transport biplane
Gloster Gannet (Carden) 13”
Gloster Gannett by Pres Bruning
Gloster Gannett peanut by Ray Johnson
Gloster Gladiator 13” by Trevor Faulkner
Gloster VI Golden Arrow 1929 schneider cup racer
Goon Art Chester racer 1938-39
Gordon Israel readhead national air racer
Gossamer Albatross man powered aircraft
Gourdou Leseurre C1 1919 parasol wing French fighter peanut with parts patterns
Grahame-White Type 20 large wing spacing biplane
Great Lakes 2T-1A 1930’s 2 place aerobatic biplane
Great Lakes XTBG-1 1935 U.S. Navy torpedo bomber
Gresich Thuet 1930’s French parasol wing
Grumman aleutian Goose twin turboprop amphibian
Grumman Bearcat Smirnoff racer
Gruman F3F-1 1930’s Navy fighter
Grumman F3F
Grumman FF1
Grumman G-22 Gulfhawk
Grumman Guardian peanut Swietzer
Grumman TBF-1 Avenger
Grumman TBF-3 Avenger peanut with photos
Grumman Turbo AG Cat peanut by Warren Shipp
Grumman Turbo AG Cat peanut not signed
Grumman XF4F-2 prototype Wildcat Herb Weiss
Gwinn Aircar 1940’s flying car Pres Bruning
Halberdstadt 20 DII Bill Dennis
Halberdstadt CL-2 Claude Powell
Halberdstadt DII John Walker
Hall Springfield Bull Dog racer
Hamburg HA-137 Stuka like open cockpit German aircraft
Hanriot 160 1930’s parasol wing sport plane
Hanriot 180 high wing cabin monoplane
Hanriot 431 1927 trainer / observation plane
Hanriot H-19 13 ½”
Hawker Fury peanut
Hawker Hurricane peanut mk 1LH
Hawker Sea Fury Steve Gardner
Heath Centre wing special 13” peanut
Heath Model 2B early Heath biplane peanut
Heath Super parasol 1930’s light plane nice plan by indoor model supplies
Heath Super parasol 1930’s light plane by classic models
Handley Page bomber biplane twin engine
Heinkel H-64 late 1930’s low wing sport plane
Heinkel HE-100 peanut
Henschel HS-122B late 1930’s German parasol wing observation plane
Henschel P-75 WW2 secret canard project Pres Bruning
Henschel 123 peanut Pres Bruning
Henschel HS-12 late 30’s biplane fighter Pres Bruning
Hergt monoplane 1918 pistachio by Ken Johnson
Hirondelle 1911 French monoplane peanut J.F. Frug
HL-2 1927 Polish sport monoplane
Hodek Kriz HK-101 Polish twin engine model by Lubom
Hosler Fury 1938 racer pistachio by Butch Hadland
Howard DGA9 John Low 21” span
Howard Ike 1930’s racer N. Charlebois
Howard Pete peanut
Hughes 1B racer Dave Lindsey
Huntington Clam 1914 elliptical dihedral monoplane
Hurlburt Hurricane 1947-8 Goodyear racer peanut
Idgit’s midget Jack Lowers R-1 Midget racer peanut
Ikarus PB 1930’s Polish gull wing fighter Pres Bruning
Indoor cabin 1938 nationals winner Henry Struck
Isaac’s Fury homebuilt biplane
Itoh 62-160 Eaglet Japanese light plane
J-20 Globetrotter 1940’s French light plane Emmanuel Fillion
Japanese Judy peanut
Japanese F1M2 Pete seaplane peanut
Japanese KI-84 peanut Pres Bruning
Jeep 1936 racer Art Chester
Jodel D-11 radial engine Jodel
Junkers D9 Pres Bruning peanut
Junkers JU-160A 1932 low wing monoplane with photos
Kalinin K-1 1925 Russian airliner
Kapferer III 1908 by Beno Sabel peanut
Karasu (crow) 1891 rubber model by C. Himomiya
Kari Keen Coupe 90-B nice CAD drawing
Kawanishi K-8B Biplane float plane
Kawasaki KI-10 WW2 fighter
Kawasaki KI-61 Hein golden age repros
Kawasaki Dornier Komet 1920’s German airliner built under license
Kawasaki KI-618 Hein Dudley Prisel
Keane Ace 1930’s low wing V8 powered sport plane from Model Builder
Keane Ace as above but much better plan
Keith Rider R-1 1936 Racer
Keith Rider R-4 1930’s racer Tom Nalen
Keith Rider R-4 1930’s racer Dave Collins
Keith Rider R-6 1939 racer
Keith Rider Suzy racer
Kimberley Sky Rider modern ultralight peanut Ken John
Kinner Canary Amelia Earheart’s plane J.E. Frugoli
Kitfox modern homebuilt
Koolhoven FK-58 by Alan Booton
Kyushu J7W1 Shinden experimental Japanese pusher canard 24” span
Lacy M10 by Butch Hadland 
Lacy M10 by Bill Warner
Laird LC-DE “speedwing Jnr” 1930 13”
Laird LC-DE (Warner) 12 ¾”
Laird LC-R Speed Holman’s racer
Laird solution 1930 thompson trophy winner by Tom Nallen
Lambert Monoprep 1935 low wing sport plane by Bill Kinche
Langley Aerodrome tandem wing early pioneer plane
Lanier Paraplane experimental STOL peanut by Don Brown
Latercoere 26 1920’s French transport
Lavachkin LaGG-3 WW2 Russian fighter by Ed Heyn
Le Boisavia B-80 Chablis French 1930’s parasol peanut
Le Grand-Simon LS 60 French modern 2 place home built
Le Pere Lusac II 1918 U.S. Army fighter bomber
Le Pou de Ceil (flying flea) from Oct 1936 Flying Aces
Lee Richards 1914 annular wing aircraft
Lenengradec late 1930’s French light plane by Rene Jossien
Lil F18 an F18 look alike prop driven home built in peanut scale
Lippisch Stork IXb tailless glider
Lippisch Messerschmitt project-13 1942 proposed high speed fighter
Little gem Goodyear midget racer
Lockheed Altair the lady southern cross Australian racer with colour scheme 3 views and photos
Lockheed Sirius 1932 seaplane with article
Lockheed Vega 1931 15” span
Lockheed XFV experimental VTOL 1950’s
Lockspeiser LDA-01 peanut
Loening 1920 racer high wing monoplane peanut
Lohner type AA WW1 era biplane peanut
Long LA-1 Goodyear racer peanut
Long LA-1 P-Shooter with parts and article PRICE E
Longster 1931 ultra light
Loose special 1937 air racer by Dave Livesay with colour photo
Lubin R-XII peanut
Luton Minor peanut Dave Livesay
Luton minor peanut
M.A.C. Fighter 1936 seaplane
Mabossin type 40 dime scale
Macchi 202 Folgore by Pres Bruning
Marcoux-Bromberg R3 1930’s racer peanut
Marcoux-Bromberg R5 Jackrabbit 1938-39 racer peanut
Marquart MA-5 Charger home built biplane
Marquart MA-5 Charger by Don But
Martin Baker MB-5 by Mark Drela
Martin MO-1 1920’s observation plane by M. Nassise
Martin MO-1 by W. Bell
Martin MO-1 by Lindstrom
Martinsyde Buzzard peanut by Steve greibling
Martinsyde Buzzard by Lumbomir Kourtny 1/20th scale
Martinsyde S-1 1915 reconnaissance aircraft peanut by John Berryman
Mass General Bostonian
Maubossin 123 Corsair early 30’s French low wing plane
Maubossin Hemipetre M40 by Emmanuel Fillon
Maubossin Hemipetre M40 CAD drawing with parts
Maubossin Hemipetre M40 Florent Backae peanut
Maubossin PM-X high wing sports peanut
McCarthey Air Scout 1920’s 2 seat light plane peanut Sherman Gillespie
Messerschmitt bf109 Sid Struhl from Flying Aces
Messerschmitt bf109 e peanut by Dennis Norman
Messerschmitt BFW M20b 1920’s airliner pistachio scale by Doc Martin
Messerschmitt BFW M20b pistachio scale Lindstrom
Messerschmitt M-17 1925 2 place light plane peanut
Messerschmitt ME-109 by Herb Weiss 1938 MAN
Messerschmitt ME-262-V1 piston engine powered test plane
Meyers little toot home built bipe
Meyers Out To Win 13”
Microplano Veloz 1918 12 ½”
Midget racer Moonshiner Pres Bruning
Mig 3 Larry Kruse
Mig 3 Pres Bruning
Mig 15 Dave Livesay
Mig 15 extraordinary rubber driven turbine power!
Mignet flying flea with article 1936 Air Trails
Mignet HM.8 Fellot Lacour parasol wing peanut
Miles Atwood special
Miles M-5 Sparrowhawk by Larry Kruse
Mini Morane
Minimax peanut
Minimax 1500R peanut
Miss Los Angles 1930’s racer peanut Gene Dubois
Mister Smoothie 1938 Pearson-Williams racer Dave Livesay
Mitsubishi A5M2 Claude by Nate Sturman
Mitsubishi A5M2a Claude inked by Robert Greer
Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero by Pres Bruning
Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero by Bob Peck
Mitsubishi F1M2 Pete float plane by Pres Bruning
Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden (Jack) peanut by Stephen Hale
Moineau 1930’s French sport biplane by Emmanuel Fillon peanut
Monocoupe 1934
Monocoupe Bostonian style
Monocoupe Velie 1927 Herb Clukey
Morane 341 1930’s French 2 seat parasol wing sport monoplane
Morane 406 Bostonian by Pres Bruning
Morane Saulnier by C. Mather
Morane Saulnier 140 1927 2 seat military biplane
Morane Saulnier 180 parasol wing
Morane Saulnier 325 1930’s French pursuit dime scale
Morane Saulnier 350 1930’s sport biplane
Morane Saulnier L WW1 parasol wing
Morane Saulnier MS-1500 modern French 2 seat turboprop light plane
Morane Saulnier Racer WW1 era racer
Morane Saulnier 406-c.1 WW2 French fighter
Morane Saulnier Epervier 1960’s French military trainer
Mordecai Murphy’s dart Fictitious plane from 1930’s flying models mag
Mureau 180-C2 early 1930’s French fighter
Nakajima 96
Nakajima B6N Jill by Nate Sturman
Nakajima KI-43 Hayabusa Oscar
Nakajima KI-44 peanut by Pres Bruning
Nakajima KI-84 Hayate Mike Midkiff
Nakajima KI-84 Hayate Pres Bruning
Nakajima KI-84 Hayate Nate Sturman tail not shown
Nakajima Pete by Pres Bruning
Navy racer dime scale 1920’s Navy Hawk
Nesmith Cougar
Nicholas Beazley (Barling NB-3)
Neiuport 11 peanut by Nowlan aero
Neiuport 17 C1
Neiuport 24-27 nice plan by John G. Low
Neiuport 161 late 1930’s French fighter Herb Weiss
Neiuport Delage early 1920’s fighter by Pres Bruning
Nikitin Schevchenko IS-4 WW2 Russian fighter
North American AJ1 Savage
North American B-25C Mitchell by Mike Midkiff
North American B-25J Mitchell by Paul Bradly
North American BC-1
North American F-82 Twin Mustang
North American OV-10 Bronco twin boom twin engine
North American P51 experimental swept forward wing
North American P51 B by Tom Nallen
North American P51 B by C. Mather ½” scale
North American P51 B-D and Anson Johnson’s Thompson racer 45 by Bill Harney
North American P51 D bubble canopy
North American T-28 Trojan
North American Texan by David Livesay
Northrop Gamma by Emmanuel Fillon
Northrop XFT1 1930’s experimental plane 18 ½” span
Obre 1910 French monoplane by Benno Sabel
Okay 1929 low wing monoplane by Don Butman
Ol’ Ironsides peanut scale
Ole Tiger Bob Downey’s Miller Little Gem peanut scale
Ord Hume O-H 7 single seat ultra light plane
Owl racer Goodyear racer by Chris Starleaf
Parnell Pixie Lympene trials plane peanut scale
Parnell pixie II by Pres Bruning
Paulhan Tatin 1911 Aero Torpille peanut scale by J.F. Frug
Pearse 1903 New Zealand pioneer aeroplane
Pegna PC-1 1921 Schneider racer proposal with tilting engine! Peanut scale
Penguin 1932 French lightplane
Peyret Nessler 1920’s parasol sport plane
Peyret Taupin 1930’s tandem wing sport plane by Emmanuel Fillon
Pfalz Purist by Joe Ott
Pilatus PC-9 peanut by Pres Bruning
Pilatus Turbo Porter by Bill Hannon
Pilatus Turbo Porter by Doug Wilkey
Pionero non scale Eindekker E3 peanut
Piper Cub by Herb Weiss mostly sheet balsa
Piper Cub J3 Macadamia scale
Piper Malibu Mirage 8 place exec plane poor plan
Piper Pacer PA-20 by Paul Boyanowski
Piper Turbo Lance II
Piper Vagabond
Pitts Special by Bill Hannon
Polen special modern 2 seat home built
Polikarpov 1930’s by Emmanuel Fillon
Polikarpov I-16 Rata by Richard Crossley
Polikarpov I-16 Rata by Nate Rambo
Polish PZL in Turkish trim by Pres Bruning
Polish PZL 8 peanut by Pres Bruning
Polish PZL P-46 fighter peanut by Pres Bruning
Port Victoria WW1 fighter on floats by Pres Bruning
Port Victoria P.V.7 Grain Kitten biplane
Porterfeild Zephyr by Doc Mathews
Porterfeild Turner
Potez 25 1925 French 2 place fighter bomber by Emmanuel Fillon
Potez 36 1927 French 2 place high wing cabin monoplane
Potez 58 1934 French 3 place radial engine high wing cabin model
Potez 60 1934 French light plane by Emmanuel Fillon
Pottier 80 modern French homebuilt
Pottier 100-TS French light plane
Pottier P-70-S French light plane by Emmanuel Fillon
Pou de ceil flying flea by Gordon Light June 63 Air Trails
Pou de ceil Lederlin 380L latest version of the flea
Pou de ceil HM 21 cabin version of the flea
Pou de ceil HM-280 1940’s with covered cockpit
Pou de ceil simple Co2 powered version
Poulan J.P. 30 all balsa cute peanut of homebuilt plane
Powered glider simple semi scale all sheet model
Prest baby pursuit racer peanut
PWS-10 1931 Polish single seat fighter
PWS-11 Polish single seat fighter by Pres Bruning
PZL 104 Wilga Polish glider tug
PZL Orlik modern Polish 2 place sleek light plane
PZL P-8 1930’s gull wing Polish fighter by Pres Bruning
PZL P-24 1930’s gull wing radial engine fighter Pres Bruning
PZL P-46 1936 Polish light bomber recon by Pres Bruning
Quickie Mail plane by Sherman Gillespie
Racek R-7 modern Polish light plane
Ramsey flying bathtub peanut
Rare bear Grumman Bearcat racer by Pres Bruning
Rason Warrier late 1930’s low wing exec by Florent Baecke
Rearwin Sportster dime scale by F. Baecke
Reisler RIII early 1920’s single seat parasol wing plane by Tim Bucher
Remington Burnelli RB-1 unusual wide body twin engine plane
Renard 17 1931 light plane by Delhalle
Renard RSV-18-26-100 1930’s French light plane
Renard R-31 1935 Belgian observation plane
Renard R-38 WW2 French fighter by Pres Bruning
Republic P-47D Thunderbolt peanut by Dennis O Norman
Republic XP-47H Thunderbolt with Chrysler inverted V16 engine
REX Monoplane 1912 Gordon Bennett racer by W.C. Hannon
REX Scout 1916 German fighter
Rivets Bill Falck’s midget racer peanut by Mark Drela
Roland D8 WW1 parasol wing fighter peanut scale by Ed Heyn
Roland DVI WW1 biplane fighter Pres Bruning
Roland DXVI WW1 parasol wing fighter
Romano R80 1935 French radial engine 2 seat aerobatic plane peanut scale
Rubber powered jet by Emmanuel Fillon very unusual model
Royal Aircraft Factory SE5  13 1/4”
Rumpler Taube peanut scale
Russel Henderson light plane 1930’s home built parasol wing plane
RWD-2 a 1929 Polish 2 seat shoulder wing light plane
RWD-5bis late 1930’s high wing cabin exec plane
Ryan YO-51 1943 STOL by Florent Baecke
Ryan YO-51 1943 STOL by Hurst Bowers
S.A.I. 207 WW2 Italian fighter by John Berryman
S.A.I. KZ-3 1944 Danish 2 place light plane by Sid Strhul
SE5 peanut by Shiri Takeuchi
SE5 peanut no designer named looks similar to a Walt Mooney drawing
SE5A by E. Fort
SE5a all balsa 16 span model
SAAB MFI-17 Safari 2 place swept forward shoulder wing plane by M.B. Groves
Sablier 12 1920’s French 2 seat parasol wing light plane peanut scale
Salmson D-5 1930’s French high wing cabin monoplane peanut by Emmanuel Fillon
Salmson D-6 1930’s French Parasol wing with radial engine peanut by Emmanuel Fillon
Santos Dumont 1906 14bis peanut by Larry Kruse
Santos Dumont Demoiselle N-20 by Bill Noonan
Savoia S13 flying boat biplane racer peanut
Schtick Bostonian rules model
Seversky Executive by Herb Weiss
Short S-16 Scion II 1933 British twin engine shoulder wing plane peanut scale
Short Satellite 1924 Lympne Trials Dave Livesay
Short Seamew SB6
Short Seamew 5 sheet plan by Mike Stuart peanut scale
SK1 Trempik modern high wing cabin monoplane with colour pics
Sky Pup homebuilt ultra light peanut
Sopwith Bee peanut scale dumpy low aspect ratio wings
Sopwith Dolphin Oct 1932 MAN
Sopwith 1 ½ strutter by John Berryman
Sopwith Snipe by J.H. Wherry
Sopwith Tabloid by Jim Pollard peanut scale
Sorrell Hyperbipe by Pres Bruning
Sorrell Hyperlight peanut scale
Sorrell SNS-2 Guppy peanut
Spad XIII peanut by John Walker with article
Spad XIII C-1 by Cleveland free flight society peanut scale
Spad XIII by H Struck
Spad SVII C-1 by Dave Collins excellent plans
Sperry Curtiss Jenny parasol version of the Jenny peanut scale
Sperry Monoplane by J.R. Walker peanut
Spirit of St Louis (Ryan NYL) with 3 view and article
Staaken Z-1 Flitzer WW1 biplane peanut
Stearman 4E 1930’s biplane peanut
Steve Whittman’s Bonzo peanut
Stinson Reliant dime scale
Stinson Tri motor peanut
Super Sytky peanut
Supermarine Spiteful F Mk XIV peanut by Steve Griebling
Supermarine Spitfire world speed record version peanut
Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV by G Roberts poor plan
Supermarine Spitfire by Bill Winters
Surface skimmer a delta wing  surface effect plane
Taylor cub dime scale
Taylorcraft peanut scale
Tether tractor microfilm model Feb 1942 Air Trails
Thompson Balboni special 1940’s midget racer peanut
Thorp T-18 all aluminum homebuilt peanut by Hal Stewart
Time flies Howard Hawks late 1930’s racer by Dave Livesay
Time flies Hawks HM-1 by Alan Booton from Air Trails
Tipsy Nipper peanut scale very nice plan and article
Tipsy S2 low wing homebuilt
Tsunami Mustang like homebuilt unlimited racer peanut
Tummelisa Swedish biplane trainer by Bill Brown 1/20th scale
Udet U-12a Flamingo 13” peanut
Ultimate biplane aerobatic 20” span
Un Hilico peanut scale helicopter Emmanuel Fillon
Valkyrie 1911 racer peanut by Ken Johnson
Vari Viggen peanut scale
Vari Eze peanut scale
Voisin 1909 hydroplane by Don Srull peanut
Voisin 1911 canard by Benno Sabel
Voisin Delagrange 1907
Volland V-10 1930’s biplane by Emmanuel Fillon
Vought dive bomber dime scale
Vought F4U Corsair peanut by Mark Drela
Vought OS2U Kingfisher by Pres Bruning
Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher by Herb Weiss
Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher by Mike Midkiff
Vought SB2U-1 by Pres Bruning
Vought SB2U Vindicator by Herb Weiss
Vought SBU-1 1930’s carrier biplane by Herb Weiss
Vought V-80P biplane fighter nice plan
Vought V-143 Export fighter by Walter Kahn
Vought V-173 Flying Pancake with colour pics
Vultee Transport Jimmy Doolittle’s L.A to N.Y. record breaker
Vultee V1A mid 30’s airliner
Vultee V-11T test WW2 torpedo bomber Pres Bruning
Waco SRE 12 ¾”
Waco UBF dime scale
Waco UKC-5 1934 cabin biplane peanut scale
Waco XJW-1 1930’s Navy biplane by Paul Boyanowski
Waterman Gosling grapenut scale
Waterman Gosling 18” span by A.J. Taylor
Waterman “Mercury Gosling” 1912 racing monoplane by W.C. Hannan 12 ¾” span
Watkinson Dingbat 1938 British light plane dime scale
Wendt Swift W-2 1940 2 place high wing monoplane. Peanut scale
Westland F7-30 dime scale by Bob McLellon
Westland Widgeon 1930’s parasol wing light plane
Westland woodpigeon 1924 Lympne trials entrant peanut scale
White monoplane 1917 canard peanut
Whittman Bonzo peanut by Tom Nallen
Whittman Bonze by R.G.Schmitt
Whittman Buster Goodyear racer peanut
Whittman Buttercup high wing monoplane peanut
Whittman Tailwind peanut with article
Whittman Tailwind by Peterson
Wibault French low wing monoplane sport peanut scale
Wright Flier number 3 nice plan peanut scale
Wright Flier type A peanut by Nowlen Aero
Wright Flier by H Struck 1937 flying aces mag
Wyman NW-1 1920’s French pusher biplane by Baecke
Yak 7V Soviet trainer by Mike Nassie
Yak 3 peanut scale by Dave Smith
Yak 9-D tank buster by Dave Livesay
Yak 11 peanut by C. Starleaf
Yak 17 feather peanut by J.E. Webb
Yakovlev Yak 1 Russian fighter by Dennis Norman
Zippy Sport by Bill Warner peanut scale
Zlin 526-AS Polish aerobatic plane by Stephen Hales
Zlin Akrobat Polish aerobatic plane peanut by Stephen Hales
Zlin XIII 1940’s Polish low wing monoplane by Dave Livesay
Zlin Z-37T Agro Turbo by Dave Livesay
Zlin Z-37T Agro Turbo Polish crop sprayer by K.Z. Raska
Zlin Z-37T Agro Turbo showing colour scheme on the plan A. Peters
Zlin Z-50M aerobatic plane by L. Kourtny