Free Flight Scale

Aeronca C3 20” span 1936 plan free flight rubber. Parts shown

Al Williams Gulfhawk 1938 exact scale rubber model parts shown

Bellanca Junior 1938 span 30” all parts shown scale rubber model

Bird Biplane 1934 superb 2 sheet plan ¾”-1 foot scale rubber model all parts shown

Boeing F4B-4 1934 superb plan with parts shown rubber scale model

Cessna C-37 nice early peanut scale plan parts shown

Curtiss Hawk III-C solid scale model to ¼” scale

Curtiss P6E Hawk 1934 plan ½” scale very detailed plans

Curtiss P6E Hawk 1943 plan ¾” scale very detailed 2 sheet plan

Curtiss Swift Army pursuit plane 1934 to ¾” scale very detailed plan parts shown

Fleet Trainer 1930’s bipe 24” span with parts sheet rubber model

Fokker DR1 Triplane 1934 plan ¾” scale parts shown rubber model great plan

Fokker D-VII 1935 plan 18” span parts shown or scaled to 25”

Gee Bee R-1 Super Sportster 1934 to ½” scale all parts shown

Hawker Hind to ½” scale 1936 plan all parts shown great plan

Howard DGA-8 1937 dime scale parts shown

Kinner Sportwing 24” span mid 1930’s radial engine low wing sport plane parts shown

Laird Super Solution 1934 fantastic machine radial engine biplane ½” scale rubber model

Lockheed Vega 1934 well detailed ½” scale rubber model

Monocoupe 1935 span 18” all parts shown

Monocoupe 90-A 1936 span 24” parts shown

Mr. Mulligan 1935 superb plan 2 sheets ½” scale all parts shown very detailed

Rearwin Speedster 24” span all parts shown 1936

Rearwin Speedster 30” span rubber model all parts shown

Rearwin Speedster dime scale 1937 all parts shown

Ryan ST dime scale all parts shown nice plan

SE5 1934 nice ½” scale model 1934 all parts shown

Sopwith Camel 1934 to ¾” scale all parts shown

Stinson SR-7 Taper wing 24” span parts shown

Turner’s Pesco Special Racer 1938 to ½” scale well detailed plan all parts shown

Vickers Supermarine S-6-B 1931 Racer 1934 plan parts shown

Waco YKC 1934 superb detailed plan rubber model

Free Flight Sport

Endurance Model Junior 1935 18” span rubber model low on detail but ok for experienced scratch builders

Panther gas free flight low wing monoplane 1940 span 46” model builder re drawn plan

Sky Queen 36” tow line glider with parts sheet

Sunduster 36” duration rubber model with parts sheets