Radio Control Power Scale Models



Aero Macchi Lockheed AL60 46” span PRICE F
Aero van electric powered twin motor 58” span PRICE F
Aeronca C1 58 ¼” span for .25 motor by Philip Kent 2 sheets PRICE K
Aeronca C1 Scout 57 ¾” span for .19-.25 by Al Wolsky PRICE F
Aeronca C3 72” span for .19-.30 motor on 2 sheets PRICE H
Aeronca C3 54” span for .09 motor PRICE F
Aeronca Champion by Cal Smith 58 ¾” span for .19 motor on 2 sheets PRICE K
Aeronca Champion 1/3rd scale 144” for 30-50cc PRICE P
Aeronca Champion 2”-1’ scale 71” span for .40-.60 all parts shown PRICE G
Aeronca Champion Tri Traveler 7FC 35” span for .8cc PRICE F
Aeronca Defender 73” span for .20 motor 2 sheets PRICE H
Airbus A-320 jet airliner electric ducted fan span 1510mm PRICE H
Alexander Bullet 63” span by Phil Kent 2 large sheets + assay sheet PRICE K
Alexander Flyabout 1931 56 ¾” span for .09-.15 motor PRICE F
Albatros DV 70” span German plan 2 sheets PRICE N
Albatros DVA 59 ½” span by Mike Booth 2 sheets PRICE H
Albatros DII 42” span for electric motor 4 sheets PRICE M
American eagle .40 motor 55” span PRICE F
Anderson Greenwood model 14 a 1950’s twin boom mono plane for elec power 51” span pusher motor PRICE F
Antanov AN2 50” Biplane .19-.30 PRICE F
Antoinette 98” span with article for .30-.40 motor PRICE J
Antoinette for up to .60 four stroke span 62” length 61” nostalgic pioneering aeroplane 1920’s PRICE H
Annular wing monoplane 33” span for .19-.25 2 sheets PRICE H
Arado 96B 1/5th scale for 150-180 4 stroke 86” span very detailed 6 sheet plan with article by D. Anderson PRICE Q
Arctic Tern 1/3rd scale 104” 90-120 f/s PRICE K
Aries XJW 12 J similar to a CAP 20/21 span 73” for up to 120 motors poor quality copy but useable PRICE J
Armour Gorion ¼ scale 75” span for .61 by Dennis Tapisfeild 2 sheets PRICE M
Art Chester Jeep for .19 motor 52” span 2 sheets PRICE H
Art Chester Jeep 85” span for 2.4 cu. In. petrol motor or similar several sheets PRICE P
Arup S-2 1933 flying wing 40” span for .35-.40 motor 2 sheets PRICE H
Auster B4 ambulance 1/8th scale 55” span for 1.5-2.5cc free flight or r/c with article PRICE H
Autoplane 1930’s twin engine passenger plane 62” span for 2 speed 400’s 2 sheets PRICE J
Avia B-534 biplane 1300mm span for 6.5-10cc motor 3 sheets with parts patterns PRICE M
Avro 1911 biplane 60” span for .19-.35 motor 2 sheets PRICE M
Avro 534 baby 1/7th scale 44” .20-.30 PRICE H
Avro 560 1/8 scale 58" PRICE H
Avro Anson 123" scaled up from the Duncan Hudson plan below PRICE N
Avro Anson 84” span 2x .40 four strokes Duncan Hudson PRICE J
Avro Avian 625 1/8th scale for .15-.20 span 41 ½” PRICE F
Avro CF105 delta 21” span for .8cc pusher engine PRICE F
Avro Lancaster 90” for 4x .20 PRICE K
Avro Lancaster 74” for 4x electric motors PRICE G
B17 flying fortress scaled to 125” span with parts patterns 4 massive sheets. PRICE W
B17 flying fortress 78” super detailed plan with panel lines etc. 4 large sheets PRICE S
BA Swallow 62” span for .60 four stroke on 2 sheets PRICE G
Baby Ace model D 60” span for 4-6cc motor with article PRICE G
BAE Hawk profile body sheet wing elec ducted fan 35 ½” span PRICE F
Baby Ace 64” span for .40 motor PRICE G
Beagle pup 36” span for .8-1.5cc motor free flight or single channel r/c 2 sheets PRICE F
Bearcat for .15-.20 motors 31” span 5 channel inc flaps. 2 sheet plan all parts shown PRICE G
Bede BD5 35 ½” span for .10-.15 motor with article sheet wing. PRICE F
Bede BD8 2 sheet plan 1/8th scale 29” span for .10-.15 PRICE F
Beech D17S Staggerwing 14” span micro r/c PRICE E
Beech H18 2.4 meter span twin for 12-15cc motors 5 sheets PRICE T
Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing 64” span for .60-.80 motor 3 sheets by Ray Dehn PRICE M
Beechcraft G17 Staggerwing ¼ scale 98” span for 3.7 cu. In. petrol or similar 2 sheets PRICE P
Beechcraft C-45 53” span for 2x .15-.19 motors foam wing. PRICE G
Bell P39 Airacobra for 2.5cc PRICE F
Bellanca 28-92 trimotor 56” span for 3 speed 400 electric motors with article PRICE M
Bellanca Citabria 53 ¾” span for electric motor parts shown PRICE G
Bellanca light tractor 33 ½” span for micro gear and electric power PRICE E
Bellanca Skyrocket 55” span for 1.5cc 1964 old worn plan PRICE F
Bellanca Skyrocket 26” span for .010-.020 motor Boddington PRICE E
Berg O. Aviatik D-1 1917 Austrian WW-1 biplane 40” span for .35-.40 PRICE G
Berliner Joyce 66” span for .40-.60 motor on 2 sheets PRICE L
Bernhardt B2 70” span for .40-.46 motor 2 sheets PRICE L
Bernhardt 232 span 70” for .40-.60 four stroke on 2 sheets PRICE L
Blackburn 1912 monoplane ¼ scale 102” DB plan PRICE L
Blackburn 1912 monoplane f/f or r/c 55” PRICE G
Blackburn monoplane 50” span for .20-.25 Boddington PRICE F
Bleriot mk XI by Mick Reeves 1/3rd scale 240 laser V twin used and hacker elec 32 cells. 8 sheet plan PRICE W
Blohm and Voss 208 for 6v elec speed 400 motor PRICE F
Bluebirds by Ken Willard 4 aircraft in formation linked as 1 for 1x.10 engine in the lead plane PRICE G
Boeing B17 flying fortress 125” span 4 large sheets PRICE P
Boeing X27 44” span twin for 2x speed 400 electric motors 2 sheet plan PRICE H
Bowers flybaby biplane 88” span for quadra petrol engine 2 sheets PRICE M
Brandenburg C1 biplane 35 ½” span for .75-.80 motor 2 sheets PRICE H
Brandenburg W29 German float plane 62” span for .40-.60 2 sheets PRICE H
Breguet 530 Saigon 1 an all foam model 20” span for electric motor PRICE F
Bristol Beaufighter 48” span on 2 sheets PRICE H
Bristol Beaufighter 70” span Tony Nijhuis for 2x .25-.35 motors 2 sheets PRICE J
Bristol Beaufighter Mk X 2500mm span 1/7th scale for 2 electric motors with gearboxes 6 sheets PRICE P
Bristol Blenheim 60” span 1/12th scale for electric motors 5 sheets PRICE N
Bristol Blenheim 112” span 1/6th scale this has been enlarged from the above plan PRICE S
Bristol Brownie mk2 1/10 scale for 1cc motors 2 channel micro gear 36” span PRICE F
Bristol Brownie micro r/c model 14.4” span PRICE E
Bristol Scout 24 ½” span for electric motor and light r/c PRICE E
Broucek W1 1670mm span 3 sheets PRICE P
Bugatti R100 fantastic looking racer electric powered 27 ¼” span for speed 400 low res plan PRICE F
Canadair CL-215 twin amphibian 49 ¾” span for 2x .10 motors PRICE G
Canadair CL-415 twin amphibian 63 ¾” span for 2 speed 500 elec with reduction gearboxes PRICE H
CAP 230 45" for .25-.40 motors PRICE F
Caudron 1912 monoplane 45” electric speed 400 geared PRICE F
Cassutt racer 28 ½” span for .10-.15 PRICE F
Cessna Airmaster by Lidberg 42” span ½ A Texaco model .049 motor 2 sheet plan with article PRICE H
Cessna 172 Skyhawk 46 ½” span for 1.5-2.5cc AM March 66 with article PRICE G
Cessna 172 span 72” 2.5cc AM mag July 57 with article PRICE J
Cessna Agwagon 60” .40-.45 power PRICE J
Cessna Skylane 100” span .80-1.20 scaled up plan 2 sheets PRICE M
Cessna U78 twin engine cabin monoplane for 2x .35 motors 65” span on 2 sheets PRICE J
Chance Vaught Cutlass F7U-3 for .20 motors span 33” PRICE F
Chiltern DW1 span 48" for .26-.30 PRICE F
Chrislea Super ace 36” span for KP02 elec PRICE F
Christen Eagle aerobatic biplane 10cc motor ¼ scale at 59 ¾” span PRICE H
Christen Husky 53” span for .20-.30 motor 2 sheets PRICE G
Christen Husky 79” span for .40-.60 motor 2 large sheets PRICE L
Consolidated Catalina 66” span for 2x .10 motors 2 sheet plan PRICE L
Consolidated Liberator B24 55” span for 4x .020 motors on 2 sheets PRICE L
Corben Super Ace 60” span for .50 4 stroke PRICE G
Corsair 102" gull wing 35cc up petrol PRICE K
Crackerjack 111” span 1/3rd scale by Dennis Tapisfield 1.20 cu 4 stroke 2 large sheets PRICE P
Currie Wot 44" for 2.5-3.5cc up to .40 4 stroke by Bob Wright PRICE H
Curtiss A-12 Shrike 70” span for .61 motor 2 sheets showing parts PRICE M
Curtiss Hawk 42” elec 540 motor using belt drive PRICE F
Curtiss hellcat indoor electric model full size colour patterns PRICE G
Curtiss JN4D Jenny 100” span for .60 motor 2 large sheets PRICE M
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk 36” span indoor electric several sheets of full size patterns PRICE G
Curtiss P-40 F indoor electric full size colour patterns several sheets PRICE G
Curtiss Robin 1965 plan from Grid Leaks mag for .19-.25 motor with article PRICE J
D.H. 60 Gipsy Moth 60” PRICE J
D.H. 60 Gipsy Moth by Bill Northrop 7’6” span for .60 motor on 2 sheets with article 1977 PRICE M
D.H. 82a Tiger Moth by Don Stothers 1969 span 50” for .35-.40 motors PRICE J
D.H. Beaver 140.5” scaled up plan suit 70-100cc PRICE M
D.H. Chipmunk 88” bubble canopy super chipmunk type 88” for 120 four stroke PRICE K
D.H. Gipsy Moth 1/4 scale 90" 60-90 f/s PRICE M
Dart Kitten Mk2 45 ½” span for .8cc by D Boddington 2 sheets PRICE K
Dart Kitten 1/6th scale 1620mm span for .35-.40 motor CAD plan 2 sheets PRICE L
Dart Pup 59" PRICE F
Dormoy 1924 bathtub 96.68” span for .60-.70 motor on 3 sheets PRICE P
Don Kichot ¼ scale 75” by P. Miller 4 sheets PRICE M
Don Quixote 1/6th scale Polish homebuilt 52” electric PRICE F
Dornier Do-18K1 for 2x .19-.29 motors 3 sheet plan PRICE P
Dornier Do 215 66" 2 sheet plan twin PRICE J
Dornier Do 335 for 2x 10cc motors push and pull large plan set and article (in Italian)2.1 meter span PRICE P
Douglas AD1 Skyraider 38” span for .10-.15 motor PRICE F
Douglas Dakota DC3 95" 1/12 scale 2x .40 PRICE M
Douglas Dakota DC3 88” span 2x.45 PRICE K
Douglas C-124 Globemaster 87” span 4 engine cargo carrier 3 sheets PRICE P
Douglas F-4 Phantom for Dynajet power! 36” span 2 sheets PRICE L
Douglas SBD 3 Dauntless 1.6 meter span for 10cc motor French plan 3 sheets PRICE M
E.A.A. Acro Sport biplane 44” span for .60 motor PRICE G
E.E. Lightning mk3 25" for .049 ducted fan PRICE E
Eastbourne monoplane 51 ¾” PRICE F
Eindekker E.111 for electric 38 ½” PRICE D
F.W. 190 span 45 ½” for .25 PRICE F
F86 Saber 110" scaled up plan suitable for turbine mod PRICE M
Fairchild A10 Warthog electric ducted fan 29” span PRICE F
Fairchild A10 Warthog 61” for 2x .25 motors 2 sheet plan PRICE H
Fairchild A10 Warthog scaled to 95” span 3 large sheets PRICE P
Fairchild PT-19 modified Sterling kit for r/c 43” span plan and article for .15-.25 motor PRICE G
Fairey Barracuda 32” span for .75 motor free flight or single channel r/c with article PRICE F
Fairey Firefly mk5 40" PRICE F
Fiat CR32 1 meter span for .15 nice 3 sheet plan with parts patterns PRICE J
Fiat CR32 nice scale biplane for .40-.48 four strokes 54” span PRICE J
Fiesler Fi156 Storch 85” span for .70 4 stroke 5 sheets PRICE N
Fleet Model 1 biplane 62 ½” span .60 power 3 versions shown PRICE J
Fly Baby monoplane 1400mm span electric motor power 3 sheets PRICE L
Fly Baby bipe 1/3rd scale 88” 20cc PRICE N
Focke Wolf 190 34” very light indoor model electric power colour sheets PRICE F
Focke Wolf 190 65” span for .90-1.08 motor on 2 sheets PRICE K
Focke Wolf TA 152 95” span for .90-1.08 motor 4 sheets PRICE M
Fokker D6 50 ¼” span for .35 motor nice plan parts shown PRICE G
Fokker D8 25” span for .15-.19 on 2 sheets with parts shown PRICE G
Fokker D.11 electric power by Peter Rake span 950mm sport scale 3 channel 400 size motor PRICE F
Fokker Eindekker E-III 30” span for geared 150 elec motors and lightweight radio PRICE E
Fokker Eindekker E-III 39” span elec power PRICE F
Fokker Eindekker E-III 68” span for .61 motor 2 sheets + article PRICE M
Fokker Eindekker E-III 100” span ¼ scale for .91 motor by John Lockwood 2 sheets PRICE P
Fokker Triplane 1/4 scale PRICE M
Fokker Triplane DR1 1-2.5 scale 113” span 100cc motors + lots of space to store it! PRICE T
Ford Fliver 49 ¾” span PRICE G
Gee Bee D indoor foam board electric model 36” span several sheets of full size patterns PRICE G
General Aircraft Skyfarer 50” O.S. 19 PRICE F
Grumman Avenger TBF-1C 82” span for .90-1.08 4 sheets PRICE P
Grumman Lynx 98” span 1/3rd scale for 3.7-4.8 cu. In. motor 4 sheets + instructions by D. Anderson PRICE R
Grumman Tigercat profile simple scale PRICE F
Halberstadt CL12 70.66” span by Bob Snyder 1969 2 sheets PRICE M
Halberstadt D II span 36" PRICE F
Handley Page 75 Manx tailless 49 ¾” for 2x elec 400’s PRICE F
Handley Page H.P. 42 power 4x .010 Cox pee wee sheet wings, simple structure 44” span 2 sheets PRICE G
Handley Page Harrow 66 1/2" PRICE J
Handley Page HP 19 Hanley 1 by Steve Rickitt .55cc motor span 34 ½” PRICE F
Handley Page type X 36" r/c 1920’s transport plane for geared 28 electric or 0.5-0.75cc PRICE F
Hanriot HD1 1/6th scale PRICE G
Hawker Hart 73"span 60-90 f/s PRICE J
Hawker Hart mk1 Dennis Bryant PRICE H
Hawker Tempest Mk1 48” span for electric power 3 sheets with parts patterns PRICE M
Heinkel He 111 3 sheet plan PRICE L
Heinkel He 111z Zwilling 96” span twin fuselage 5 600 size elec motors + gearboxes PRICE N
Henschel 123A 1.72 meter span for up to 120 4 stroke 3 sheets PRICE L
Illushin Il-2 Stormovik 47” span parts shown PRICE G
Interstate Cadet 72” span for .40-.60 2 sheets PRICE M
Jodel D117 span 58" PRICE G
Junkers J-10 60” span for .45-.60 motor PRICE G
Junkers Ju-187 2520mm span for 62cc petrol Zenoah with article (Argentinian) PRICE T
Junkers Ju-88 span 72” for 2x .30 motors PRICE J
Krier Great Lakes biplane 80” span for Quadra 35cc power 2 sheets PRICE M
Little Gem 1/3rd scale Goodyear racer 160mm span for 25-35cc motor 3 sheets PRICE P
Lockheed C130 Hercules for 4 550 size elec motors 92” span 2 sheets PRICE M
Lockheed P38 Lightning 94” span for 2x .60 motors PRICE M
Lockheed P38 Lightning as above scaled up to 133” suit 2x 40cc PRICE R
Luscombe Silvaire 80” span for .40-.53 motor PRICE G
Macchi Castoldi MC-72 1255mm span for .60 motor PRICE G
Messerschmitt M20 2120mm span for 5-8cc 2 sheet plan PRICE H
ME 163 Komet semi scale for .049 32” span PRICE F
ME Bf109 G10 1994mm span for 30-50cc motor 4 big sheets PRICE P
ME Bf109 foam board model indoor electric several sheets of patterns full size PRICE G
ME Bf109 43" for .19-.25 motors PRICE F
ME Bf109e 48” span for .40 motors by Ian Peacock PRICE F
ME Bf110 twin electric or pss. PRICE F
Midget Mustang 42" PRICE F
Mig 21 MF 780mm span 1400mm long 10cc 2 sheets PRICE H
Miles M20 foam wing semi scale for .20-.30 PRICE F
Missle Thrush span 50 1/4" PRICE J
Mister Mulligan 42 ½” span for .15-.23 PRICE F
Mitsubishi Zero indoor electric foam board model several sheets of full size colour patterns PRICE G
Mitsubishi Zero indoor electric balsa laminated for electric several full size colour patterns PRICE G
Model Precision kit plan for SE5A 40" PRICE G
Mooney Executive 75” span for 10cc motor 2 sheets + article PRICE M
Morane "N" 56" span PRICE F
Morane Saulnier A1 parasol monoplane ¼ scale 84 ½” span up to 120 four strokes well detailed plan PRICE K
Nieuport 17 to ¼ scale for 35cc petrol motor 3 large sheets with parts sheet PRICE N
Northrop B2 Spirit stealth bomber 96” span for 4 480 size EDF units 3 sheets PRICE N
North American P51D Mustang 110cm elec PRICE E
North American P51D Mustang 50” span for single channel r/c .09 motor with article 1965 PRICE F
North American P51D Mustang foam board indoor electric model several sheets of full size patterns PRICE G
Pace Spirit ¼ scale 2020mm span for 25-35cc motor 4 very large sheets PRICE R
Parnell Elf 61” span for .60 four strokes PRICE J
Percival Mew Gull 61 ½” span for .60-.90 motor PRICE G
Pietenpol Aircamper 47" for speed 400 electric power PRICE F
Pilatus Porter PC-6 built around the RCV-120 in-line 4 stroke 80” span PRICE M
Piper Cub J3 70” span for .19 motor normal gear and floats shown PRICE G
Piper Cub 141” span for Quadra or similar petrol engine 2 huge sheets PRICE P
Pitts special S-1S 48” span for .61 motor 2 sheets + article PRICE M
Porterfield Collegiate 47" PRICE F
Prescott propjet 61” span for .30-.40 pusher engine 2 sheets PRICE H
Rapier delta ducted fan for .15 very detailed plan issued in parts by hobby helpers PRICE G
Rearwin Speedster 96” span ¼ scale power round 90 f/s PRICE J
Republic Thunderbolt 51" for .35-.40 4 channel r/c by E. Robinson (poor condition) PRICE G
Rockwell Shrike Commander 26" 2x .049 PRICE F
Shavrov SH2 Russian amphibian 1930’s span 60" for .25 PRICE G
Short Scion 42” for light r/c and electric power 2 sheets with parts patterns PRICE H
Short Sunderland mk2 flying boat 4x .60 132" span 102” long power 4x .60 upwards 5 massive sheets PRICE T
Smith Mini Plane 42% scale 88” span Big! 35cc PRICE M
Sorrell SN7 Hyperbipe 34” for .20-.25 motor PRICE F
Sopwith Baby 38 1/2" float plane for .26 4 stroke motors PRICE F
Sopwith Gordon Bennet racer 34” span for electric geared motor PRICE F
Sopwith Pup 53" PRICE F
Sopwith Triplane 1/8th scale superb 15 sheet set for a very accurate model PRICE V
Spad A2 mid-engine model for Laser 150 superb cad drawing by Alan Morgan 8 sheets PRICE M
Spartan arrow 61” span for .40 4 stroke motor by John Watters with article PRICE L
Spinks Akromaster 72” for .60 motor E. Hubert 2 sheets PRICE J
Straaken Z-1 Flitzer 1/5th scale for .35 motors 44” span PRICE F
Stearman bipe 90" 1/4 scale PRICE M
Supermarine Attacker 371/2” span for 480 size EDF 3 sheets PRICE K
Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 800mm for elec +Corsair F4U similar PRICE G
Supermarine Spitfire Mk12 42 ½” span for .29 motor PRICE F
Supermarine Spitfire Polish plan 1160mm span for 2.5-3.5cc motor 2 sheets with parts patterns PRICE L
Taylorcraft Auster J4 C.A.P. number 9 72” span .35-.61 motors PRICE H
Tipsy Nipper 43” for .20-.25 MW2691 PRICE F
Westland Whirlwind twin for 2X .30-.40 motors 65” span 1/8th near scale 2 sheets PRICE J
Yak 3 1090mm span for 2.5-3.5cc 2 sheets PRICE G
YO-3A 74” span for electric motor with all parts drawn on plan PRICE G