RC Power Sport models



30’s sportster 29” span parasol wing model for single channel .020 motor PRICE F
49’er 31” span flying wing sport model for .8cc PRICE F
A little extra 30.4” span semi scale aerobatic model for electric motor PRICE F
Acro sportster 53” span low wing sport model for .35-.50 motor PRICE G
Aeromaster bipe Lew Andrews very aerobatic for up to 1.20 four stroke 52” span PRICE J
Acromate semi scale ultimate biplane 42” span for .46-.53 4 stroke motor poor quality plan from Japan PRICE G
Aeromite 36” sport for .15 PRICE F
Aero van semi scale twin for 2x 400 size electric motors PRICE F
AMS Oil pylon racer tandem wing similar to Rutan quickie 1400mm span for .91 motor PRICE H
Another Knight by Peter Rake for small electrics 18” span 2 sheets PRICE F
Arrow 60 Wolfgang Matt world champ aerobatic model 1979 PRICE G
Arrow q small version of the Wolfgang Matt aerobatic model for tiny .010-.020 motor Japanese plan PRICE E
Astro Hog 40 58” span for .40 four stroke reduced vintage model PRICE F
Astro Hog Jr. for .8cc by Bill Bertrand bubble canopy PRICE F
Astro Oink reduced Astro Hog 24” for kp 01 electric PRICE D
Atlas by Wolfgang Matt 1650mm span pattern aerobatic model for .61 motor 2 sheets parts shown PRICE M
Avenger 58” mid wing sport model for .61 motor with article PRICE M
Aztec two step 33" twin for 2x .049 PRICE F
Baby Bee biplane built round Cox golden bee .049 PRICE E
Baby bipe 770mm span semi scale ultimate bipe for 1cc motor PRICE F
Bar fli Phil Kraft 58” span low wing sport model for 10cc motor with article PRICE H
Barnstormer biplane 49” span .40-.60 motor 2” standoff scale 1930 Fleet biplane PRICE G
Bee Baby 28” span for .8cc biplane by D. Boddington PRICE E
Bee Bop 38 for electric power speed 400 motor 38” span PRICE F
Begin the begin Japanese high wing cabin model for .15-.25 motor PRICE F
Beppe II 1.08 meter span low wing Italian sport model for 2-2.5cc motor PRICE F
     Beppe V 1.5 meter span for .45-.48 motor Italian sport model
     Berballa 2000 Japanese sport model kit plan unknown make 1.2 meter span for .15-.20 motor poor copy PRICE F
     Bi Fli 47” span for .15 motor by Phil Kraft 1959 PRICE G
Big Flapper 70” span 3-4 channel cabin model by David Boddington for .49-.61 motor PRICE G
Big John, 74” sport biplane USA for up to 120 four stroke PRICE J
Bitty bipe 33” span sport model for .10 motor parts shown PRICE F
Blue two fun fly with tube body for 2.5cc motors 40” span PRICE F
Bob Palmer Mars enlarged for r/c 59” for .40 motor PRICE G
Bootful 1 .25 powered high wing sports aerobatic model 42.5” span PRICE F
Bowman Mini Skyman for .049 span 36” PRICE E
Bubbles 40 ½” tailless aerobatic for .20-.25 PRICE F
Can-do 44” f/f-r/c for 1.5cc PRICE F
Carbon Stick indoor r/c electric 34” PRICE F
Cat 25 aerobatic sports model .25-.32 motors 44.5” span PRICE F
Catspaw 32" .10 motors PRICE E
Chippy 52” sport aerobatic MW2611 PRICE F
Chili Breeze 48" aerobatic for .25-.36 Mike Delacole PRICE F
Cloud Models Twin Hornet 52" twin engine sport model PRICE G
Coyote 54” 30’s style racer RCMW Dec 97 MW238 PRICE F
Crusader 52" PRICE F
Cut-less ½ A pylon racer 29 ¼” span with article 1975 PRICE G
Dart 2 biplane 51 ½” span for .15-.25 motor with article 1984 PRICE H
Denight special 43” span for .25 motor by Peter Miller with article PRICE G
Diamond 4 formation flying looks like 4 models 83” total span for .50-.60 motor 3 channel r/c PRICE J
Dracon 32" canard for .049 PRICE E
Double Dutch cabin biplane 38 ½” span for 400 motors PRICE F
Duster biplane 67” span for .45-.60 motor by Bill Northrop PRICE L
EFA delta .15 motors PRICE F
Ekko mk3 by Hoh Fang Chiuin low wing sport model 63 ½” span for .61 with article PRICE G
Electrolite indoor r/c model for KP01 motor 50” span all foam with template patterns PRICE F
Elf biplane redesign of the original 1937 one 60” span for .29-.40 motor 4 channel 3 sheets PRICE M
F16 Fun fighter PRICE E
Fan dancer 46” fun fly for .25 PRICE F
Fantasy Freebird 53” r/c sport PRICE F
Firefly electric r/c trainer 42” span for 400 size motors PRICE F
Flash electric powered sport biplane 1300mm span detailed plan set PRICE L
Flashfire .20-.30 delta sport model MW2601 PRICE F
Flat top stormer for .45 motor sport aerobatic model 1962 2 sheet plan PRICE J
Flower power mk2 49 ½” span for .29-.45 low wing trike u/c oldie PRICE F
Freebird 53" sport aerobatic for .40 motors PRICE F
Flying Aces Sportster 54” span vintage model updated for r/c 2 sheets PRICE L
Furious 34" semi scale electric PRICE E
Good Knight high wing model by Walt Musciano for .19 54” span on 2 sheets PRICE J
Grass hopper fun fly model 45” span for .29-.45 motor with article PRICE F
Griffin mk3 28” span G-Mark .03 shown parts and instructions on plan PRICE F
Guppy .20 motor 42” span flying wing PRICE F
Hairy Gnome biplane for .15-.20 motors span 29” foam wings PRICE E
Herr Flick similar to the ugly stick kit PRICE F
Hindsight cartoon scale hawker hind elec power 45” PRICE F
Holly 40” span .049 trainer PRICE F
Honey Pot 32" bipe motor .25-.30 motors PRICE F
Hot Dawg .15 powered ¼ midget racer with article PRICE F
Hurrican 1646mm span twin engine sport model by Franz Wolf 2 sheets PRICE J
Ice breaker by Don McGovern for .09-.19 motor 59” span with article PRICE G
Image 72” span for .61 by Joe Demarco PRICE G
Interceptor 4 channel low wing very elegant 1960’s for Veco .45 MAN plan PRICE H
King Condor 45” sports model .20-.25 motors radial cowl low wing 95 PRICE F
Legal eagle 15 ¾” span for 3 channel micro r/c PRICE E
Lil Gem mk3 quarter midget racer 34 ½” span1977 PRICE F
Little Bit (son of bubbles) 28” tailless for .049-.10 and 2-3 channel r/c PRICE F
Loopstick MA July 60 39” span cabin model for 1.5-6cc! PRICE F
Low ender sport model 1959 78” span .40-.60 motor 2 large sheets PRICE M
Mac’s Robot looks similar to a piper cub. 1951 r/c Mc Coy .19 power 60” fully detailed plan PRICE H
Magic 60 Hanno Prettner 63” span for .60 motor with tuned pipe. All built up with option foam wing PRICE G
Magic Maid 54 ½” span single channel model for 1-2cc motor PRICE E
Magpie for .15-.25 3 channel 50” span wide 12” chord wing by John Rogerson PRICE G
Mayfly 54” park fly MW2796 PRICE F
MS Jax 49" mid wing .40-.50 motors PRICE F
Micro Super 25 ½” span version of the Keil Kraft super 60 by D. Boddington PRICE F
Mini cat 30” span sports model for .10 motors PRICE E
Mini Tarka pylon for PRICE D
Mini Tyro 32” version for .5-1cc motor by D. Boddington PRICE F
O-Four9ier 56" semi scale for .049 PRICE E
Orion 69” span Ed Kasminski pattern aerobatic model PRICE G
Owl OR 71 Lil Quickie AMA formula 1 pylon racer by H. DeBolt 1976 50” span for .40 motor with article PRICE F
P.1147 Delta 22" span 43" long .049 motors by J. Crampton PRICE D
Paddy’s pig 48” span for .09 motor PRICE F
Patriot 2 low wing 62” span .45-.61 flying models Aug 66 with article PRICE F
Pen friend for .020 25 ½” span miniature pylon racer by P.E. Norman 1964 PRICE F
Pirouette 48" biplane PRICE F
Phantom Major scaled up K.K. Phantom for r/c 32” span for 1.5cc 2 channel PRICE F
Phil Kraft Flea-Fli 38" PRICE F
Phil Kraft Das Ugly Stick 60” by Jensen kits up .61 motors PRICE J
Phoenix 65" span for .40 motors PRICE G
Pirouette sports biplane 48” span motor .40-.45 motors PRICE J
Planer DB instruction sheet, full size body plan foam wing section shown 40” span for .8cc PRICE E
Precedent Fly Boy 47" PRICE F
Premier 32" for .049 sports model PRICE E
Pulstar all sheet for .020 single channel 27” span PRICE D
Push Moth Boddington 34” span single channel for .5-1cc motor re draw of original 1965 plan PRICE F
Quest r/c trainer by D. Boddington 36” span for D.C. Dart PRICE F
Quickfire / blitzjager 36" 2 channel for .10-.15 motors very semi scale spitfire or me 109.PRICE E
R/C Clipper 54” scale up of the Comet clipper Jr. with article for .09 motor PRICE G
Rag Tag 60” span .20-.30 or slope soarer PRICE F
Rascal high wing cabin model for electric motor 54” span several sheets with patterns PRICE M
Redskin 44” cabin high wing sports model for .10-.15 motors development of a 1949 original PRICE F
Senior 60 a 2x Keil Kraft Junior 60 for 35-50cc petrol and a camera 3 sheets PRICE Q
Shark face for .049 22" span PRICE D
Shamrock 52" for .61 4 stroke or .45 2 stroke PRICE F
Short Circuit Q500 pylon racer 52" PRICE F
Simplex by Dick Stouffer 36” span all sheet r/c model for .020-.049 motor with article May 1964 PRICE F
Sombrero 51 ½” sports aerobatic model for .25-.35 PRICE F
Spirit for .25 motors PRICE F
Spooky swept wing flying wing 31” span for .049 and 2 channel r/c PRICE E
Stinger 35” span delta for .25 to .40 PRICE F
Stringbagette 34” for mills .75 semi scale Fairey Swordfish PRICE F
Super Bee 27 ½” span biplane .5-.8cc PRICE F
Swanee Feb 1966 low wing 38" single channel sports flyer by J. Baumer PRICE F
Sympa sympa sport r/c bipe from Italy 1070mm span for 6.5-7.5cc PRICE G
Syncat 50 ½” aerobatic for .40’s PRICE F
Ted 2 span 45” sport model .20-.25 low wing open cockpit PRICE F
Tern 34" for .049 PRICE F
The Little One 56 ½” low wing sport model by D Sarpolus for .29-.40 motor with article PRICE G
The Magpie PRICE F
The Botali Pama 38 1/2" electric PRICE F
Trekie 29” .10-.15 canard MW2603 PRICE F
Tyro Major 45” span trainer .25-.35 PRICE F
Wingamagig 48 3/4" tailless .049 by Peter Holland PRICE F
Wight Wing 68" aerobatic flying wing PRICE F
Wight Woodstock + 1/4 bipe 25" span PRICE E
Wispa 36” span fun electric model for 380 motors PRICE E
Woodstock sport biplane .020 motors span 25” PRICE E
X-Kraft 24" .049 PRICE E
Yard bird 28 ¼” span for .8cc high wing semi scale cabin model PRICE E
Yellow Bird delta wing and v tail 2-3 channel by John Rutter for 1-1.5cc 1988 PRICE F
Zoom high wing cabin model 53” span for up to 2.5cc MA Feb 1957 PRICE F