Vintage or Vintage style models



Abzug S4 span 36” by Malcom Abzug with copy of original article

Achilles 1 1/2 times the K.K. original for r/c for .8cc 36” span

Air Warden 1942 span 70 ½”

Banshee 50” pylon layout model designed for the Bantam spark motor

Bazz bomb 37 ½” sport model single channel AM mag Oct 64

Bi Mini biplane version of super 60 for .049

Black Magic by Fred Hempsell 60” for 2.5-3.5cc AM mag Sept 47 original free flight one

Black Magic by Fred Hempsell 60” span 9 years down the line redesigned for r/c published Aug 1956

Brooks Biplane by B. Brooks 66” span for 2.5-3.5cc published Nov 1952

Buckles baby 30” junior 60

Bugaboo vintage style model for mills .75

Buzzard Bombshell 72" with building instructions fly well on a .40 four stroke mine had the Webra 4t40

Buzzard Bombshell Baby smaller version of above 48” for 1-1.5cc

Candy winner of the USA Nats 1964 with Bonner Digimite 70” for Veco .45 by Cliff Weirick AA6566P45

Dallaire Sportster 109” nice for a 90 four stroke

Diamond Deamon 48” around 1cc motors Consolidated models plan

Double Diamond twice size Diamond Deamon. flies well on .60 - .90 four stroke 96”

Double Feature by Ken Willard USA mid twin engines on out rig pods Cox .001/.002 single channel up 40” AA6565P44

Contest winner 96” 1937

Cumuless 1/2 size Cumulus a Ben Shereshaw design. 48” for .5-1cc

Eaglet x2 scaled up version of the K.K. Eaglet for r/c super flyer.

Eastern State Gas Champ 76” span .52 spark motor. With article and all parts shown

Electron by Vic Smeed early r/c design 54” span 482 sq in wing for 2.5-3.5cc published April 1953

Equalizer Harold De Bolt’s very early r/c model for valve radio! K&B .15 span 56” rare!

Flipper 27 bipe for .049 by Vic Smeed 27” span

Frankenstein + 10% enlarged for r/c 57” for 1.5 – 3.5cc

G-8 very unusual model 79” span for Super Cyclone 10cc 1941 with article all parts shown

Gas Champ 76” super looking model with article all parts shown

Gasser 40” span 1.5-2.5cc AM mag Nov 59 with article

Guidato 66” trainer 2.5-3.5cc AM Nov 57 with article

Gleneg 72"

Gleneg (Little) 40" scale down for 1.5cc

Goliath 9 feet span Auster ish model around 1950 for around 15cc

Happy wanderer cabin model 56” span 41” long by Harry Stillings Nov/ Dec 54 MA190 with article

Hepcat mills 1.3 would be great 1946 Paul Pleacan design 48”

Hornet Sal Taibi 88”

Iago 36” f/f vintage for KP01 elec or .010 Cox motor

Junior 30 1/2 size Junior 60 for PAW 100

Just Junior by Paul Hoey 42” sport model for 1-1.5cc and light r/c scaled down junior 60

Kloud King 72” 1938

Javahawk 27 ½” delta ducted fan for 1.5cc AM Aug 59 with article

Lanzo record breaker 96” parasol wing

Liberty Belle early r/c shows escapements .049 power 41” mid 50’s USA

Little ship 44”

Little little ship 36” span for .75-1cc

Lumpers 48” span single channel for 1.5-2.5cc AM June 63

Mac’s Robot high wing early r/c model for .19 motors span 60”

Mark 1 large rudder only design for Veco .45 by Courtney Smith USA 1965 span 64” AA6565P43

Mercury IV Mike Smith 96" all elliptical model. several large sheets one of my favorites! With reprint of article

Mercury 72” 1939 Scientific models

Meteor by Sal Taibi semi scale high wing trike landing gear for the Bantam motor

Mills Bomb r/c for mills 1.3 cc 35” span

Mini Comet 37 ½” for .8cc MA mag Jan 66 with article

Miss San Diego a scaled down Westener 48” with article and parts shown

Nimbus 124” 1940 very elegant all elliptical model

Obogo 44” span single channel model for 1.5cc July 68

Ohm 8 Vic Smeed early r/c model May1964 R.C.M&E. 42” span for around 2cc

Pacer class “C” power by Sal Taibi

Pal Joey by Bill Winter Dec 1963 span 42” for .75-1.5cc single channel RC852

Pika 58" early r/c for 2.5-3.5cc by W. Lister

Pixie 2.5 scale up for r/c of the KK Pixie

Powerhouse by Sal Taibi 88” very well known model

Privateer 87” 1938

Quest by Dave Boddington 35 ½” span for .5-.8cc AM mag Oct 66

Quiver small r/c version of the Quaker Flash 45” span for mills .75

Rattler 56” cabin model for 1.3-2.5cc AM mag June 59

R/C Special by Bill winters. With article all 18 pages! All parts full size. Took ages to do this one! Thanks Bob!

Rhoma r/c trainer 64” for 3.5cc published April 1954by S.Miller

Red Zephyr 72"

Skyscraper 54” all elliptical surfaces and elliptical dihedral!

Small Astro hog

Southerner Major Bill Winters design converted for r/c 84”

Sparky 48"

Sportster vintage type r/c for .049 a ½ size radio conversion of a Julius Original by G. Northmoor span 36”

Stuka single channel 41” span for 1.5-2.5cc AM Aug 65

Super Viking 76” 1941

Tauri 57” span 3.5-6cc by Ed Kazmirski multi channel model kitted later by Top Flite AM April 64

Taurus by Ed Kazmirski 70” pattern aerobatic model 2 sheets with all parts shown for up to 10cc

T. D. Coupe 1936 span 64” 2cc for f/f more if r/c is used (poor condition, may not copy well)

Texaco trophy winner 1937 massive plan 114” span

Trenton Terror 1938 72” easy r/c conversion for a 40 four stroke

Tomboy by Vic Smeed classic model has it's own class now. 36" and 44" span versions on one plan 1950

Uproar by Chris Ohlson fully aerobatic design 72” span for .29-.35 Oct 1858 with article

U.S. Male 82” biplane large model trainer.

Waveguide by F.Burton early r/c design 62” 2.5-3.5cc published July 1955

Woodstock by Bill Hockey sport biplane for miniature r/c 0.020 motors span 17 ¾”

Wren 42” by G.R. Woolett easy r/c conversion, really nice model AM Dec 48

Zoom r/c stunt model 53” span for 2.5-5cc MA mag Feb 57 with article

8 OHM by Vic Smeed May 1964 biplane for around 1cc

8 foot monoplane by C.J. Camm this is superb. Done from original blueprints from 1935 with article

1937 contest gas model 96” span

1946 Bowden Contest winner by A.H. Wilson 72” span up to 10cc spark motor