Control Line

Skyleada kits stunter 1949 for ED comp special high wing 29 ½” span

 Free Flight Scale Rubber 

Skyleada Curtiss Accender 16” tailless rubber model

Skyleada Amphibian 25” span for rubber power

Skyleada Auster 25” span rubber model

Skyleada Comper Gipsy Swift 25” span with parts sheet

Skyleada Hawker Fury 20 ½” span with parts sheet

Skyleada Hawker Hurricane

Skyleada Hawker Tempest 16” span parts shown

Skyleada Northrop P-61 Black Widow 24” span rubber model

Free Flight Sport Rubber

Husky 36” cabin rubber duration model

Free Flight Scale Jetex


Skyleada Assault Mystere 4 span 15” for jetex 35-50

Skyleada Avro Vulcan bomber for jetex 50

Skyleada De Havilland Comet for single jetex 50 in body all parts shown 18 ½” span

Skyleada De Havilland Comet single jetex 100 in body ribs but only some formers shown 24” span

Skyleada Douglas Skyray F4D-1 16” for Jetex 100 all parts shown

Skyleada F100 super sabre 14” span for jetex 50

Skyleada Gloster GA5 Javelin for jetex 50

Skyleada Hawker Hunter for jetex 50

Skyleada Supermarine Swift for jetex 50

Skyleada U.S. Navy F7U-3 Cutlass for jetex 50